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Welcome to SteemPh Bulacan Daily Featured Post!

In line with our mission to provide support to dedicated Filipino Steemians residing in Bulacan, and all over Central Luzon. SteemPh.Bulacan will start featuring posts daily and weekly to help promote amazing contents authored by Bulakeños and all the people of Central Luzon. Chosen posts will receive an upvote from @steemph.bulacan and all other hubs under SteemPh.

Today's featured contents is about posts with #contest #application #food. Three entries stood out and here they are:

Post #1 Pork Sisig.

by @dandalion

Sisig is a staple Filipino dish that is said to have originated in Pampanga and dates back to the 17th century. Back then, this dish used pig's face and ears, which were chopped and bound by pig brain, as it's main ingredient. Through the years, countless of variations have been made from the original recipe. These days, it healthier options are available, where seafood is used. The more popular ones are those made of squid, tuna, and my favorite - bangus or milkfish. Red on the other hand, prefers the pork version without the pig brain.


Post #2 How To Set Up WordPress – Free Webhosting For WordPress, SteemPress, Steemit.

by @webcoop

On the general settings, you can change or edit your website details like website title and tag line or description. You can also set your time zone, language, time format, etc, then “save changes”.


Editor's Pick #1 Pagpipinta Gamit ang mga Salita: Isang Patimpalak (Extended).

by @romeskie

Magandang araw mga katropa! Nais kong iparating sa inyo na maaari pa kayong magsumite pa ng inyong mga lahok sa ating patimpalak na Pagpipinta Gamit ang mga Salita. Napagdedisyunan namin ng mga hurado na i-extend ang ating patimpalak nang isa pang linggo. Ang bagong deadline ng pagpapasa ng mga entrada ay sa September 18, 2018 ng Tanghali. Pareho pa rin ang mga mekaniks ng ating patimpalak.


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