Pork Sisig

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Sisig is a staple Filipino dish that is said to have originated in Pampanga and dates back to the 17th century. Back then, this dish used pig's face and ears, which were chopped and bound by pig brain, as it's main ingredient. Through the years, countless of variations have been made from the original recipe. These days, it healthier options are available, where seafood is used. The more popular ones are those made of squid, tuna, and my favorite - bangus or milkfish. Red on the other hand, prefers the pork version without the pig brain.

Preparing the dish is quite tedious, and I've never tried doing it on my own. It involves boiling, grilling, then chopping the pig parts into tiny bits before cooking it in a pan with a handful of spices for another 20 minutes or so, before finishing it off with mayo and raw egg to serve as the binder. I shall try to prepare it one of these days and share my experience with you. Until then, Red enjoys his Sisig from Razon's, a restaurant we frequent. The photo above was taken there during one of our visits.

photo is mine, taken using a Samsung S7 Edge camera phone





i will try it , i liked this and resteemit

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Wow sarap nman into.. Nakatikim npo ba kayo ng sisig ng kuya j resto.. Masarap po...

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This dish looks very yummy!

I look forward to seeing your own cooking with recipe soon. ;)

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