Not Everyone is Here for the Same Reasons You Are

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“One of the most freeing things we learn in life is that we don’t have to like everyone, everyone doesn’t have to like us, and it’s perfectly okay.” – Unknown

In five days I would have been in Steemit for a whole year. It's been an interesting journey so far. In my journey through completing the first year in the platform, I have learned quite a few things that I wish to share to everyone for the benefit of newer Steemians. One of the most brutal reality you'd want to know is that Steemit is not perfect - far from it in fact. I am not saying this to dishearten anyone from Steeming on, I myself will keep my activities up, after all real life is far from perfect too.

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When I was new in the platform I wrote a post titled "STEEM is a Currency of LOVE". While I still believe that Steem can very well be used to spread love, it is not all that it can be. Steem can also feed people's greed, it can set anger on fire too, it can make people harbor jealousy over another user. This is very aptly told in @steemitblog's Blockchain of Opportunity - July 4th.

At Steemit, we talk about Steem being the Blockchain of Opportunity--a blockchain that unlocks an unlimited universe of potential for entrepreneurs. It was those content creators with the courage to join us on this crazy journey who were, and still are, the entrepreneurs that built the foundations upon which this whole ecosystem stands.

We believe that Steem is the Blockchain of Opportunity, not because it caters to entrepreneurs, but because it turns everyone that uses it into an entrepreneur. In a world where technological disruption seems to be eliminating jobs and prospects, we believe that this aspect of Steem is more than just a feature ... it's a mission.

I agree fully to this message taken from @steemitblog's post. The "opportunity" referred to however can be very different between users, and that is the beauty of the platform. I haven't always seen it as such. I use to think that my way was the best way, and even went out of my way to encourage it, oh was it frustrating.

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  • I use to think that the best course of action for everyone is to continuously power up and accumulate Steem Power. The truth is I still believe this, but now only for myself. I learned to make peace with the reality that not everyone is here to give back, and that there is nothing wrong with that (not according to the code).
  • I use to believe that everyone should exert effort to produce decent quality of contents, but not everyone is here for that either. I also don't have a monopoly over the idea of what quality content is. A gem in my opinion can be a trash for another and vice versa.
  • I use to exert lots of effort to be liked by, and see the best in everyone. That was a waste of time.

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While it may not apply to you based on what opportunity you wish to seize from the many opportunities the Steem blockchain offers, I will continue in the platform for my own reasons while not exerting to much energy evaluating why others are here. My opinion of what everyone else are doing hardly matters, in the same way that others' opinion of me shouldn't bother me at all.




Awww Red. Steemit is such a huge learning curve isn't it? I find it forces us to grow in so many ways. Become better writers, more conscious content creators; learn to accept things outside of our control, move forward, grow from it and keep going.

I'm glad you're here. I have grown so much and learnt so much from your example. You're a far better leader than I can ever hope to be and you inspire me to do better. Thank you.

Welcome to the 1 year club.