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The country is facing an unprecedented medical catastrophe. The DOH is in a state of denial and paralysis.

Are the country's medical experts and specialists simply going to stand by and watch as the children continue to drop dead simply because Dengvaxia "has not (yet) been scientifically proven" to be the cause?

This is no longer a question of simply determining guilt and culpability. That can wait.

It is no longer a matter of waiting for the DOH to act and do the right thing because THEY SIMPLY AREN'T up to it.

In the face of apparent efforts to cover up and downplay the unfolding disaster, it is time for all well-meaning, right thinking, patriotic and compassionate medical professionals to step up to the plate and SERVE HUMANITY & the COUNTRY as only they can.

In reality, the biggest problem facing us is not necessarily how to prove that Dengvaxia is at fault.

The problem is how to confront the medical mystery posed by 56 remarkably similar deaths of vaccinated children.

Consider that:

Even a doctor who would have presumably done all he could to save himself was not able to figure out how to even prolong his life significantly.

Even patients who received expensive and extensive medical care still followed the same seemingly inevitable march to doom.

The growing list of victims shows no sign of abating with the number of unreported or even covered-up deaths remaining an unanswered question.

So what can a doctor do to help?

Medical specialists in the appropriate fields are enjoined to volunteer their services in efforts to research, discover and develop a more effective treatment protocol which may at least delay the deadly progression of this yet unrecognized and unfamiliar malady in the absence of a possible cure.

Rather than simply "determine the real cause of death" as the UP experts have been busy doing, should not efforts rather be focused on collating the TREATMENTS the different patients received so as to try to at least determine what may work and what doesn't?

Doctors in both public & private practice in the affected areas should be on the look-out and report all cases to a central public registry, preferably not (only) with the DOH, that can provide timely, complete and accurate data to researchers.

This registry should also include vaxxed individuals who have noticed unexpected and mysterious declines in their general health as well as the symptoms displayed.

Doctors and hospitals should take a sympathetic and patriotic view of vaxxed patients and properly record and report any interactions with them rather than look upon them as people simply out to get free medical treatment for unassociated illnesses as seems to be the present circumstance. ALL medical conditions of vaxxed individuals need to be entered into a database to provide a complete scientific picture.

This is normally SUPPOSED to be done by SANOFI but the fact that it may only prove their liability is probably why there is no word to date of any initiative on their part to perform this MANDATORY service. It would also tend to make their data unreliable.

Pera-pera na lang ba talaga ang ating mga duktor at espesyalista at de pukpok na pagkilos? Iilan na lang ba talaga ang mga may kusa, awa at interes para MAGBOLUNTARYO ng kaalaman para makapagbigay ng linaw at solusyon sa mga katanungan at paghamon sa ating kabayanihan?

May mga ilan na na nakikipag-tulungan sa PAO. Nawa'y dumami pa at magbigay din ng suporta ang mga ibang may pagkakataon tumulong.

Meron bang pwedeng gumawa ng samahan at mag-organisa sa mga may malasakit sa ating mga medical professionals?


Hawak ng pharma ang mga docs kc...meds they prescribe, me kickback sila. Lalo na ang mga hospitals.

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.

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