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Hi there fellow steemians. Let me share you my first "Tonsil Stone" experience.

It was very annoying, irritating, and can lower your self-confidence. It started when I felt something stacked in somewhere part of my throat. The feeling was something like a fish bone caught up and hanging at the wall of my throat. It is not that painful, but I tell you, it’s irritating. Then it started building up odor. Brushing teeth and mouth might help, but not for long. It smells like… “you know what I mean”. If you know the meaning of STENCH, that is the exact word for it.
Afterwards, my wife also notice the smell and I also started to feel the bump on the upper right side of my neck where the tonsil is located which tells me there is definitely something is building up in that area. At first, I thought I have a cancer, but I tried to justify the symptoms in some other way and I concluded it’s not a cancer, Thank GOD.
So, I came up with this self-medication method (I don’t recommend it but you can try with cautions), I begun to massage the bump part very gently while looking at the mirror with mouth widely open to see the tonsil part. And after a while, a hard yellowish thingy was showing up on that portion. I thought it might slip back from where it was holding, I hurried and added more pressure on massaging the bump area. And finally, the tag of war ended and the big smelly thingy came out.


As a result, the stench odor gone for good. Well of course, I got my self-confidence back and I am me again. But I know it will come at another time for sure, “WHY?” I think this is the answer and might help us in the future, click the link below.

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Thank You.


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oh my goodness!!!
this post is so hilarious for me!!!! I so totally relate. I can't believe you posted that thing here!!!!
all together yucky, funny, helpful, informative, and makes you wanna check out your tonsils!!! AHAHAHAHAHA !!! nice one @sheenaabelgas.
honestly, the reason why i'm smiling right now as I write, is because, I too have tonsillitis and yes, those mean white creamy things are so yucky and mabahooo! ewwww!!!
I weekly check on my own tonsils because my nose is sensitive to smell. when I do smell stuff I check everything!!!!! hahahaha!!!
that's why doctor check-up is important. general check-up for everything!
this is one true story and real time for me.

aaaawww that looks painful?

It will be painful, if you don't apply necessary treatment..

wow! I know this tonsil stone! Most of these symptoms occur only in Americans in my study and in the examination of videos on youtube.

It came out in the different part of mouth on gums.

Unfortunately, Asians are having this problem already..

it look like a small teeth of a child.

Thanks for posting this,its helpful! It makes me want to check my tonsil! hahaha

Yes you can, but try it very carefully..

I had tonsil stones when I was in College. I didn't do anything. The doctor gave me prescription. I think that's bactidol and some antibiotics, and virgin coconut oil to use for gargling. My tonsil stones didn't came up like that. It just turned into fluid. Maybe if I saw mine like that I'd be amazed also hahaha! Now my tonsils are like the Moon's craters. 😰😰😰😰😀

Wow.. good for you.. bit did it came back?

No hindi na po. Pero if bmlik dw that time, ireremove yung tonsils ko hehehe.. pwede daw kasi mag cause yun ng Heart Problem

This is the first time I heard about Tonsil Stones..thank you for the informative post! :)

Thank you.. I hope it help you a lot....

I thought it was bubblegum at first

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