Happy World Teachers’ Month! :)

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Being a teacher is really not a joke. A lot of people expects too much from you. They think you are an expert and you know EVERYTHING - literally everything. Whenever they ask you something and you do not know, people will judge you and will say, “You are a teacher. You should know.”

Every time you enter in the classroom, you always seem to be in Jurassic Park surrounded by different types of dinosaurs. :

Teaching is a very stressful job because it isn’t just mere teaching - you have a lot of students who are depending on you, a lot of paper works that you need to pass, parent complaints you need to face.

Yes, it is very stressful but it is very rewarding as well. :)


It is my first year of being a teacher and this is my first time to be able to receive flowers and gifts from my students.

It is just very rewarding to think that they also sacrificed their snacks to buy me these and even if they are very noisy and naughty in the classroom, they still thought about you.


To all the teachers out there, KEEP GOING!!! :) I know how stressful and tiring it is but it is all worth it! :)



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