Haha ano raw 😁

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Ano nga ba? 😂😂😂

Translate nilampaso or dinurog in English. 😂

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May na discover ako mas katiwatiwala makatotohanan nakasulat sa website nila 😁

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Hay bakit nabasa ko n 'to meron ulit dito? 😂 I-long post m yan 'te para mawala s sistema m. 😂😂😂

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Nahihilo ako sa Partiko eh ayy sa android pala at nauulianin na ako 😂

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I have not read the white paper or what they are planning to solve.

We were going for the airdrop free money. Kahit na hindi man maganda ang white paper nila o anu, their coins will be worth something. If they managed to get their token listed on exchange at a rate of 0.83 as they claimed (I think) it will be more money for people who got on the airdrop.

If we are going to invest on the ICO then we will definitely have a closer look at their project and see if it is worth it.

Free money is free money... kahit na natabunan nang tae pulutin ko pa rin at hugasan kasi libre na yan... heheheheh (ako lang yun a)

Anyway, as long as you are not losing anything to get free money, I say go for it. Oh yeah since according to @pinay it is a shit project so maybe as soon as you got your airdrop SELL SELL SELL before price goes all the way down.

It's like how free food is for me. I don't appreciate it all the time but at least I eat the free food. As for the free money airdrop if they all connect it to Steemit like Byteball I will join again. 😊

Are you on Asher's League btw?

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