The Always Up to Date Proposal to Support SteemPeak

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SteemPeak is working toward making this the best place on the internet for Content Creators to come and share their work. Our target audience includes the thousands of creatives out there (Not presently on Steem) who are on risky ground using platforms they know they cannot trust in the long run. We are working to be the best place for those creators to come and bring their millions of consumers with them to read and interact with their content on a decentralized blockchain, and the multiple wonderful interfaces Steem offers. Since SteemPeak started we have aimed to create an intuitive blockchain interface that has ALL the features our users want located in one place.


This is a proposal for the SPS system and all reward pool is 100% going to @steem.dao


We are a small scrappy company that has done an immense amount in 1 year with limited funds and limited hours. We know with just a bit more of both of those we can more quickly fulfill our goals.

This proposal will cover a lot of the features we have on our roadmap so of course the whole @steempeak team will work on the project ;)

If you don't know the team you can join us on Discord, have a look at this page or just check the following image for a quick overview:



As some of you already know we have already published some small proposals (here and here). With the first proposals we received enough support to fund the new features (actually it was the very first proposal ever completed on the Steem blockchain !!). The second proposal received a TON of support from a lot of votes but not enough big votes to pass the Return proposal and get funded. But we've released a bunch of those features in on of our last update nevertheless.

The point is: we are committed to STEEM and we're developing on here regardless of Proposals because we have so many great users who love and support what we do.
-- Vote now on SteemPeak or with Steemconnect --

What we have learned

With these two proposals we have also learned a bit more about the Steem community and the SPS system:

  • We feel the Proposal System is not presently conducive to smaller proposals.
  • We have way too many feature sets we are planning and doing proposals for all of them takes away from actually working on them.
  • Some users have strong opinions on "Open" and "Closed" source projects, others don't mind. Therefore: SteemPeak proposals are challenging so we'll put all our effort into one proposal.
  • It's difficult to estimate the actual funds that a proposal will actually receive.
  • We are committed to improving SteemPeak and bringing value to Steem regardless of this funding source.
  • Though proposals are challenging and they are a sensitive subject for some users... we still believe they are a great benefit for Steem... and so are we.

There are several ways to look at Proposal votes, however, our team believes: that projects should be evaluated accordingly to the value they bring to Steem.
... We also believe that we have brought a lot of value to Steem and we're only just getting started.
... Therefore we're willing to give proposal system another shot, but with a different approach.


Our singular proposal until further notice comes with this question:
Does improvement of SteemPeak BRING VALUE to Steem? And do you believe bringing decentralized funding to SteemPeak will make Steem better?
This is your personal decision, but maybe checking the @steempeak blog will give you an overview of the number of additions and improvements we have released in the past year and half.

If you think that our work is valuable for Steem consider voting for the proposal.
-- Vote now on SteemPeak or with Steemconnect --

What We Are Proposing

In this paragraph we list a fraction of the things we plan to do in the future. These are not in order and doesn't have a set schedule.
SteemPeak has a long and solid record of consistency of development, interaction, commitment to our project and to Steem.
Voting for this proposal is not to 'buy' new features, it's to support a system that has and is expressing extended interest in doing more.
And with more funds we'll hope to be able to do it faster and better.

  1. A front-end for the upcoming Communities protocol
    (We were already testing a communities user interface in January but after talks with Steemit INC we decided to wait until their hivemind changes were done)
  2. Support for SMTs
  3. Dozens of more upgrades to Tribes that hopefully can also be applied to SMTs too
  4. Guest accounts for any person in the world to vote and comment right away
    (We are already testing it and adding functions)
  5. Ability to transition guest accounts to official Steem accounts quickly... and in several ways
  6. Ability for you as a user to sponsor your friends with accounts
  7. The tools for tribes, tokens and communities to on-board/sponsor new users
  8. Open-source "Steem Glossary" (can be used by any interface)
  9. Learning mode on SteemPeak (using glossary and videos) to help all the new users understand perfectly what's going on
  10. Much more analytics
  11. Advanced details about your account, analytics and information about the Steem Blockchain
    (Bringing the data that other tools and sites share right onto your main interface)
  12. Pursue more ways for creators to make money:
    ~ Donations to user or post... with UI implications
    ~ Patreon type replacement system
    ~ Paywall content as well
    ~ Ads revenue sharing.
  13. Some features would require us to work towards encryption solutions
    (Hopefully multi-platform and decentralized)
  14. Steem Proposals page improvements
  15. Integration of Auto Votes to go with our full set of "Creator Support Tools"
  16. Better notification system including mentions
  17. Finally start working on a mobile application to go along with our Mobile Optimized website
    (We've already started to work on the layout)
  18. Multiple languages support
  19. More advanced search systems and other methods to find interesting content
  20. Support with testing (testnet) environments for upcoming Hardforks
  21. Championing more decentralized non-platform specific features like what we call "steem commands"
  22. There's a bunch more features we will wait to share but we'll make them known closer to the time and after funding occurs.

We are a for profit company

We didn't specifically list many of our future money making features and more specifically we didn't explain (in the above list) how some of the features above make money... But rest assured we are in it for the long run and plan to make good money as a business.

If you think that our work on some of the above points will benefit the Steem ecosystem consider voting for the proposal.
-- Vote now on SteemPeak or with Steemconnect --

Funds for what?

Perhaps you want to know what we would likely do with the funds?

  • We'll be able to devote more time working on the project, and maybe be able to hire someone to help with specific parts of it to get the features to users even faster.
  • Pay for infrastructure required to run including new infrastructure. (it's not an huge bill but each month we spent part of our revenues to cover those costs)
  • Convert to Steem and Power up and create new accounts for onboarding (seeing that a lot of our upcoming features will deal with empowering users to bring in new users)
  • We would use the voting power to promote posts that educate new users
  • We can use the funding to look into small outside marketing (obviously we are not requesting enough to do big time marketing).

If Not Fully Funded?

It is likely other proposals will come and go, and ours may be funded at times and not funded at other times and that's ok...
This is not a Kickstarter campaign, this is not a business proposal and this is not an ultimatum... this is a question if you think the Proposal system paying out to SteemPeak will make Steem better?


  • Our proposal is for 395 SBD a day (presently valued at ~$250 USD)
  • As with our previous proposals the receiver for the funds will be @peak.proposals (read more about it here)
  • As of right now there is 112k+ SBD in the account for proposals
  • About 1600 SBD is being added to the fund each day
  • As of right now about 1120+ SBD can be allotted each day to proposals
  • Presently that's going up by about 4+ SBD a day

We understand that during the duration of our proposal there will be other proposals that will come and go that have a lot of value to Steem and we may get partial funding during those times.

Do you think we bring value to the Steem ecosystem and are you willing to give a vote to help accelerate what we can do?
-- Vote now on SteemPeak or with Steemconnect --

Basically with funding, from the community in general, we have the ability to do more of these features in a shorter time period, so the Steem ecosystem sees the benefit more quickly. We can onboard more people ourselves while providing the much needed education for new users. Developers will be able to dedicate even more time to providing the ultimate front end to experience Steem, and one that can actually attract new users. While also perhaps allowing the hiring of additional developers to results faster.

Our Body of Work

And to those who vote based on past merit see what we've created at:

These are just a sample of the latest updates we have released in the past month:
Another Example: During June this year we had 5 huge updates in one month that totalled about 70 upgrades

And see the dozens of feature filled updates this year on our blog:

  • Look at what we have done in a bit over a year with just one part time (yet very dedicated) developer, who has a full time job. Imagine what we could accomplish with this opportunity, and what that could mean for the Steem ecosystem.
  • We set out to add EVERY feature we were using and put them into ONE location.
  • We set out to make a site that we'd be ok inviting friends to and not worry about them being totally confused.
  • We have consistently taken feadback from the community and added features quickly.


The SteemPeak Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:


We recognize this is not a small proposal
... you may have questions I'm around here to answer them.

Again we're doing all these things regardless if you vote... but a vote has that possibility of speeding up everything way way faster.

Thanks in advance for your support even small votes... seriously thank you.
We'd like to see all the small accounts show their support that support may not get us the funds but it will motivate us.

Full resteem ahead :)

I supported your continuous proposal and unsupported teh Return proposal. So I did a double-duty :)

In my opinion, the Return proposal's limit is way too high.

And, to answer your questions:

  1. Does the improvement of SteemPeak BRING VALUE to Steem?
  2. And do you believe bringing decentralized funding to SteemPeak will make Steem better?


Ps: my two favourite Steem pages / tools are SteemPeak and SteemWorld.

Thank you very much :)

I had to get acquainted with it. To learn more about this. I would like to re-read that to get acquainted with the different parts of the post. Post deserves attention. The material is presented correctly. It describes the problem well. The material presented in the post, appears clearly to our consciousness. Thank you pay attention to it.

Yes ur correct....

I love steempeak so if they have proposal I will totally support it.

we're glad that we have given you a reason to have so much confidence in us.

Steempeak is my go to UI. I threw out an idea once, and y'all listened. I haven't been disappointed with any of y'all's work yet.

I think those are all really good ideas, and will help attract more people to Steem. Especially the "learning mode". One thing I'd like to mention, though, is visibility / marketing. I think that's one challenge that we've got to face. I'm not sure what the cost would look like, but maybe get some Facebook / YouTube ads going for Steempeak at some point. Use their own platforms to advertise, and rob them of their users, and in turn, revenue. I'm beyond ready to see Facebook and YouTube go the way of Myspace.

Upvoted proposal before I read it. I would double upvote it after I read it. :)

Thanks :D

Thanks for the site guys your hard work should be rewarded with a successful proposal!

You guys done great work and are very responsive to the user. I support you!

Supported! Keep up with your great works!


I like the sound of it. I already exclusively use Steempeak for pretty much everything Steem-oriented so yeah, i look forward to the continued improvements. In my opinion it is the best interface available!

thanks it should continue to get better and better

Pursue more ways for creators to make money:
~ Donations to user or post... with UI implications
~ Patreon type replacement system
~ Paywall content as well
~ Ads revenue sharing.

asgarth and jarvie I would be interested in knowing your position on flagging as it is on steem currently and how that fits in with the above statement.

not asgarth or jarvie but :) i don't see a connection of flagging/downvotes and any above things. downvotes don't affect any of them. also all the above does not affect the steem reward pool.
maybe i missed something

The above statement = lets get people excited about making money on our platform. Flags is the EXACT opposite of getting people excited to spend time on the platform. It's not a hard line to draw its just the whales and current large stake holders on steem are to stupid to see this very easy line. I want to know where these 2 sit in relation to this debate and if they understand this concept since they have a working steem portal.

Is it just me or you can't downvote on SteemPeak btw?

you can, you just need to click on the dots

  • Interfaces have a lot of ability to do things like allow people to promote posts in different ways.
    (We're working on that)
  • Interfaces have a lot of ability to dampen the impact of a downvote and it's percieved negative effect
    ( We're working on that)
  • Interfaces and steem in general needs to expand beyond it's dependencies on the reward pool system
    (We have plans for that)

Should be good... no fear.

This is not an answer to how you see flagging.

I am curious to know since you all run steempeak. The above screams lets get people excited to make money on our platform. Flags are the exact opposite. So that is why this statement stands out to me.

BTW Should be good ... no fear, is an insult to anyone with an investment IQ. That is the same shit the retards at the top have been telling themselves the entire trip from $5+ to 0.12 .... 12 cents. If you don't have a plan and are running on hopium that's cool but you will most likely loss money in long run, just a friendly fyi.

Let's be honest it's hard to communicate with you... you openly tell aggroed that mostly your interest is in "winning arguments" which is not an approach i work well with. And also a lot of insinuating going on and a perceived notion of expecting the worst in others... all these things are stuff i don't deal well with so this may not end up being the discussion you were hoping for. Also i'm heading out for the weekend.

BUT... We understand that downvotes are problematic to some people. We are working through solutions in the small ways we can make a difference. I don't see how me saying my personal stance on flagging will do any good expect make you feel vindicated and use me as a weapon against others... or for you to be mad at me. You've put me in a no win situation... because also you're not going to be happy that I'm just not going to answer. So it's no win all around and that makes me sad.

I think we're doing good things and we're behind the scenes talking about how to show downvotes and what else to make people have a better experience on steem. And one of our solutions is something i've been pushing for since before HF21. I like our small fix but you're not going to be completely satisfied.

You all have a functioning steem portal that I like. Change is coming to Steems leadership (most likely). That is all I will say at this time. Enjoy your weekend.

thank you the weekend has been great so far. Logged in for a moment and this was nice to see. Thanks @dreamryder007

I've just voted for it! ;)
Love Steempeak! :]

Always happy to give my support for Steempeak.

The answer is of course yes. You've successfully made obsolete. I have also voted yes on your proposal even tho I'm just a little guy. The only issue I have with your feature list, and even that depends on how it's implemented, is the paywall feature. I dont have an issue with services like floatplane that offer a 7 days exclusive for videos with a better bitrate than youtube (altho for steem, I'd say 3 days is probably better, otherwise you'd lose on potential earnings). When it's just paywalled permanently, I'd rather not even know it exists.

Without Steempeak I probably wouldn't be on the Steem Blockchain anymore. Thanks to your work I continue to enjoy publishing my contributions about Flora & Fauna.

Thank you very much for your great work!

great stuff.

Quiet an indepth and ambitious proposal, I think you are already getting a lot of support as it is. Too bad this couldn't be split with more frontends and programmers. I feel like there are many programmers and it professionals working with Steem who just don't have the same clout as you to attract funds and desperately need them just as much.

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I think you are already getting a lot of support as it is...

Can you elaborate this a bit more? Maybe with some number supporting it?

I feel like there are many programmers and it professionals working with Steem who just don't have the same clout as you to attract funds and desperately need them just as much.

If they are working on large and useful projects (some samples of project as large as steempeak will be highly appreciated) I don't understand why they don't have the same 'clout' to attract funds.

That said we specified multiple time in the post that everyone should support the projects that add value to Steem ...and this is a subjective matter. So if there are other projects adding value to the platform that deserve more votes I'm are totally ok with it.

Steempeak posts infrequently but gets great upvotes, you could update/post more frequently to get rewards the traditional way. You could also sell advertising on your front end for revenue. Support is more than just numbers although I have noticed some large transfers from Peakmonsters which is really none of my business.

Asking for 25% of the SPS funds or 2.5% of overall newly minted Steem is a bit much for one group of four individuals don't you think?

I agree with supporting great projects and like what you are doing, it's just that the number seems quite high and there are other ways to attract revenue. Rewarding $250/$1000 of overall daily funding for two years to 4 individuals is too much for a blockchain with over 10k creators. Think about all the others here who are doing things too.

Just my opinion, I don't wish to argue.

It's a bit difficult to me to understand the points you mentioned ;)

Are you suggesting to funds steempeak doing frequent posts and getting upvotes? So using the reward pool that should be available for content creators instead of using the proposal pool that has been created exactly for the purpose of funding apps and projects? This make no sense to me and most app that work this way are 'forced' to do this to survive. I think we should do the opposite, use the proposal pool and leave the reward pool available for the real users.

Peakmonsters is a side business we created (and for which we are not submitting proposals) that help Steempeak paying for monthly bills. So basically we are using part of the revenue we generate with another business to provide Steempeak for free to everyone.

Currently we are asking 25% of the SPS funds, but in some months (or a year) it will be much less. Probably under 10%.
If you consider the overall amount, $250 as daily pay for a project with 4 people is really a bargain in my opinion. In US or Europe a software developer can easily get the same for 2-4 hours of work (depend on the specific country). So asking the same amount for the whole team is really really fair in my opinion.

As I already said I totally understand different point of views, and everyone is free to evaluate each proposal and decide how to vote. In the end this is one of the awesome thing about a decentralized system :D

You are doing a great job; maybe one of the most important here, as a good front end is what attracts users. I hope you don't let yourselves be bothered by the usual jealous sulkers!

Are you implying I'm jealous of a private entity campaigning for public subsidies? You're reading me wrong, I simply disagree with the funding a few for-profit individuals amongst 1000s with 1/4th of the current SPS pool.

If you make posts that frequently update users on your progress, or for tutorials and community building users have the option of upvoting them or not. What part of this makes no sense? It is how Steem operates. POB rewards aren't just for creativity, people have the choice to upvote a post or not, it's liberal economics.

I get that developers are paid a decent wage, as are many people in US, Europe, and other countries. That being said you are running a business, business owners don't get paid, they either profit or they don't off of their investment of time and money. If you are working for us, you should get paid, but you are working for yourselves investing your own time and money into your own business.

We are a for profit company
We didn't specifically list many of our future money making features and more specifically we didn't explain (in the above list) how some of the features above make money... But rest assured we are in it for the long run and plan to make good money as a business.

I see what this is about you are asking us to provide you with a subsidy to limit your risk of earning a future profit. If you need money, sell equity-like everyone else, create a token that represents future earning from your endeavors. I'd buy some.

Lot of projects on the platform are business (esteem, busy, ...) have been funded for years thanks to an huge delegation by steemit that they use to get curation rewards. Also some of them have a witness that is still 'funded' by the Steem community.
But now that we have the SPS probably we should switch to the new pool instead of relying on the old method.

And of course if we have a successful proposal we'll probably start 'burning' or declining most of the rewards we get on our posts as that will not be needed anymore.

And it's true, we are a 'for profit company' (not much profit after almost 2 years of work by the way) but what we've done and most of what we'll do in the future will be available to every user free of charge. Most of our profits will come from 'premium' features, but we still work on a tons of things that will benefit Steem as a whole and not just our own business.

I've already said that I understand your doubts and concerns regarding this proposal, we'll just have to see what the community thinks about it.

I thought you guys had a witness, if not who have I been voting for all this time?

If you do get the proposal accepted any chance of making some of the more visually attractive parts of your front end open-sourced? Many other tribes and front ends could use a boost appearance-wise and your collage of posts is particularly appealing.

A witness outside of the top 20 is barely enough to pay for the server bills :D

We have plans to release parts of the mentioned points as open source so others can use the same material. Not sure about parts of the main website itself, but honestly I don't think there are specific place on steempeak so awesome to be useful to other frontends.
But if there are parts someone is interested in I can probably share a few snippets. I've already done this in the past with other developers who asked for specific fragments of code ;)

I really love your work, it's a completely different experience to and couldn't go back, so thanks for this!
With all this in mind I find a total of potentially 300k$ quite a hefty sum... no doubt you guys are in to make some profit ;)

The good thing about proposal is that it can get support on some days and not in others. So the total potential amount will never be a real number. I'll be happy if the proposal receive half of that total sum.

oh okay, thanks for clearing that up!

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Me just waiting for the proposals 4, 5 and 6 to be implemented:


By the way: PLEASE, create a SBD market to purchase SBD with Paypal or other direct mechanism. It is pretty hard to get some steem as I first have to purchase BitCoins and use them to exchange for Steem and paying high fees on the process.

And I said SBD because it's relatively stable so you guys can sell SBD in parity to USD without fees (and so aggregating value to Steem) and in the future buy SBD for a small 5% or 10% fee. My point is that is pretty hard to exchange Steem without BitCoin or other major cryptocurrency as intermediate and without intermediate high fees and that makes it harder to have business based on Steem.

In my opinion Steem has two major issues that hold people out: It's complicated to have an account and it's complicated to exchange Steem outside Cryptos. By facilitating the entrance of newcomers, investments and exchanges it would greatly aggregate value to the network.

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Upvoted 👌

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Ah, the complications, trouble, and strife the accounting for Our energy creates. As long as We are in this system, where We must somehow get the tokens We need to survive, plugging Our energy in, We will ever live in vast complication. It is an antiquated tool, money is, and We can put it down, picking up tools that would allow Us all to live as richly as We choose... I do wish You luck with Your proposal!

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I love your work but I won't vote for this proposal for a few reasons :

You are closed source, I don't think public funds should be funding closed source projects as the value can easily be "lost" if you decide to pull the plug at any time. Imo closed source should fund themselves or get open source. And I see a lot of ways for you to monetize your front end.

I really, really dislike those proposals that run for years that are just "support us" with a list of features that you may do, without a clear roadmap or accountability. Instead of a clear proposal per feature set. I am very familiar with the sps and I know how time consuming it is to raise votes. But why don't you do something like a per quarter proposal ? This way there is a clear roadmap and accountability. And spending some time every 3 months to get votes is okay, especially if your previous proposal was a success.

Totally understandable points ...and we were expecting this from some people.

Just some considerations:

  • some projects are open source ( but as the developers behind them disappeared the project just died. And steemit funded the project for years with an huge delegations so in a way we lost values also if the code is available to everyone. This is because the code is shared, but the project leadership is not.
  • we are working on steempeak in our free time, so have a commitment on the order of features (roadmap) and a timeframe (quarter) to complete them is not easy for us. Specially considering that we can get or lose funding during the quarter.

They said I understand you stance and I'm happy that you like our work ;)

Emailed 👌

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  • From Oct 15, 2019, we will provide SCT rewards for postings published on SteemCoinPan.
  • You won't get SCT rewards at all if you create a posting on other Steem Dapps after Oct 15, 2019.

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I love it! SteemPeak is my preferred desktop interface, keep up the great work!

Vielen Dank für die super Arbeit👍, Grüße aus Bayern.

Being a photographer and artist, I absolutely love the UI. Finding Steempeak during my early days on Steemit (especially the Portfolio gallery) really inspired me to post original photos and gave me courage to post my own artwork. (something I've never been confident to do before) I am more than happy to support Steempeak in ALL you do. Keep up the good work..!

Finally had a chance to read this and I voted for the proposal, really enjoy using SteemPeak and looking forward to a mobile app (although the website works pretty well on my mobile phone 😀)

Keep up thr great work!

we appreciate it!
If you think of things an APP can have that the mobile doesn't let us know.

Will Steempeak migrate to the hive blockchain being released this Friday on the 20th of March in any capacity?

Steempeak is great! so if they have proposal I will totally support it.

Thank U Very Mach

thanks to all the developers whos not stopping to improve the system. i salute you guys.

Great stuff...

Nice opportunity for we contents creator.

Jestem z Wami i bede juz zawsze, poki sie to nie skonczy, dzieki wam moge zarobic na bulki do domu, nawet nie wiecie jak pomagacie ludziom dzieki uzbieranym pieniadzom na stronie steemit. Dziekuje i polecam wszystkim.

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