Great Views from the Top with Steempeak: Why I'm in Love with It!

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Months ago I wrote about being in love with 'Busy' - a different interface for Steemit. One of the reasons I loved it was that I could save drafts, though I was missing some of the Steemit interface features. However, Steempeak seems to combine all the things I like about these two but also offer so, so much more, saving me popping over to Steemworld or Steemauto for the things I need.

I haven't written a 'how to' or 'what I like' post for a long time, so I thought I'd run down what I like about Steempeak and try to convince you that it's worth making the switch. It's always hard wrapping your head around a new interface, and to be honest, I only will use Steempeak on the PC for now as I can't seem to use it effectively on my mobile (I like Busy for that).

However, I'm pretty sold - it's certainly piqued my interest. See what I did there?

One of the reasons I like it is the word 'steempeak' and the lovely logo of mountains. This is MUCH much better than the connotation of 'busy', which makes me feel kinda antsy and nervous. One look at those mountains and I'm like aaaahhhh.....

Wait - let me insert a pithy quote:

I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy - Og Mandino

Perhaps SteemPeak can help you do just that?


Mt Kosciusko Australia

1. You can see your drafts as you write them - AND save your drafts!

Rather than scrolling down to see your formatting come together, you just look to one side! This feature blows me away - I'm usually constantly scrolling down to see that things are aligned and the side by side option just makes much, much more sense.

It's like seeing the view before you get to the top of the ridge!


And you can save your drafts and even see them in grid view - less scrolling is good in my book. My scrolling fingers are getting callouses - just like a bad pair of hiking boots gives you blisters.


2. You can switch between accounts without having to log in EVERY single time.

This also blows me away. It makes it SO much easier than having different tabs open and is a really easy flip to make. That's like being able to jump from the top of one mountain to another with one leap!

3. You can schedule posts

Going to bed but want to post it at 3 am to increase your chances of catching a specific time zone audience? Going away for the weekend and have a few pre-written posts? Having a digital de-tox? No worries - just schedule your posts! Wowsers! No need to log on to Steemauto - it's all just right at your finger tips! Like getting someone else to climb the mountain for you, it's a breeze!


Beautiful photo of Mt Fitzroy, Argentia, courtesy of @mrprofessor

4. Templates

This is great if you have a template for a curation post or perhaps just your banners. You can save the template and open that every time instead of copying and pasting from old posts or other files. Kinda like being at base camp - you're already half way there.

5. Really nice interface


I also like the fact you can see a lot of things in grid view. We like a good view, otherwise there's no point walking up the damn mountain in the first place.


6. Wallet

I think this is great for newbies because it explains Steem economics quite well, and is quite easy to use. And oy, don't look at my bank balance!


7. Other Interesting Data and Information

@jarvie details Guaranteed Steemit Minimum Income or GSMI in this post which he says is the ONLY number you should look at on Steemit. Fascinating stuff. What does it all mean? Fucked if I know, I'm still trying to figure this game out. Maybe you can tell me in the comments, or I'll re-read this post later for more info.



Save now, read later. Busy has this too, but this is far more accesible and easy to use.


9. Sexy graphs

Oh my god, check the sexy real time graphs. Real time incoming votes. Real time outgoing votes. Account growth. Blah blah blah. All the sexy data!! Moving about like clouds and thunderstorms over the mountain ranges! Wowsers!


10. Saved Topics and Users

I love this feature - so much easier to keep track of tabs and users rather than jotting them down to look up later and just trying to remember them and look them up when you do. I mean, who wouldn't want to keep track of the #naturalmedicine tag? or #tribesteemup or #ecotrain or #freedomtribe?


11. It does go up to 11, doesn't it?

If the dial goes up beyond 10, it's a dial I like.

Easy to see recent activities. Notifications are important - you gotta keep track of who's talking to you and responding to, otherwise you might as well not be here at all.


Since drafting this post, I've found even more cool features, and it seems there's more on the go. There's even a Discord channel where you can ask for help!

Are you using Steempeak? What's your favourite tool?

Would you think about switching, or is that mountain just too hard to climb?


If you're a supporter of all things natural healing, you might like to read our introductory post here. We'd also love to welcome you on Discord here!!






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I have checked out Steempeak and I have to agree with you. I am all for climbing mountains, the view is always amazing!
the extra features are great and I love how you can chose to see your own and others blogs without the resteems xxx

I like it! Well done. We'll do some more with GSMI eventually when we can further automate it... right now focused on lots of new features. Also i love how much you like #2 ... i don't think i could live without that one!


SERIOUSLY love number two!! I'm actually quite genuinely blown away with the whole thing. Now just need an app.

I'm right there with you! I think the scheduling of posts and saving topics are two of my favorite features so far. I'm sure it will take me a little while to really get into all the other features, as well, but so far I'm totally digging it!


Yes it took me a few days to REALLY embrace it but now Im TOTALLY gone!

I have heard about this and am still puzzling to try it out. I like new things and scheduling a post seems really nice. I think I will give it a go soon. Thanks for this review.


Thanks @zen-art .. let me know what you think when you do!

Thank you for the info - will check it out!


Let me know what you think!!

I heard about SteamPeak, but never really gave it a chance, perhaps this might be the time I do. I love how detailed you got describing this alt front end!


Thanks!!! I had heard about it for a while too before using it. Glad I swapped though!!

Just checked it out, very nice. I particularly like the dashboard and account statistics. Do you know if the project is open source? Also, is autovoting a feature that isn't implemented yet? Couldn't find it in the interface.


I just asked for you in They are adding new things ALL the time! Even as I wrote this new functions were being added.


Here's the answer...

@riverflows , steempeak is not currently open source (but maybe it will be in the future) and automatic votes is definitely on our roadmap.

That's another great thing... Discord support!!!

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On my list of front ends to try now, looks interesting. Especially the graphing.


You will love it.. trust me!

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Great post @riverflows I have yet to use #steemspeak but after reading this concise analysis I'm now going to dive in feet first! I'm also still getting my head around steem and the SMT's and apps etc etc .. but the way you've written this makes it really easy to understand and your enthusiasm is infectious. This might be a silly question, but can you log in with your steem password or is a completely new account? Do you think people will duplicate posts on Steem and steemspeak or alternate between the two?

Thanks a million for my resteem I really appreciate it :)

Damn - I need some POST SCHEDULING and am really liking what I see here! Off to investigate..... :) NICE POST. Upvoted, resteemed and curated.

Wow wasn't aware of such an easy switch between user accounts in Steempeak! Using it since a few days. Even replying from it now. Loving the way you can create templates for your posts. Same as starring the people you love on the platform so you can easily select them when you want to see their activity.

Only thing I don't like about Steampeak is while using it on my mobile. On the smaller screen I think the interface could use some optimizations. So maybe an app would work or an working webinterface for the smaller screens. But just found out tonight that Partiko is there for IOS so just started trying that one.


I agree... I don't like the mobile at all so am.using Partiko...

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Only thing I don't like at Partiko is the signature...😅

So every tool has it pros and cons of course...

Wowowowowow I could only stop to read this now, seems like a great tool that should indeed be used. I love that feature to scroll side by side, that would save TONS of time.


@mrprofessor my god... get on it!!!

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