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Hey guys

One of the best ways to curate and find great posts on the blockchain is to look at what people you trust are upvoting and re-steeming. I've used this concept a lot in my work curating for @curie, looking at the feeds of the likes of @liberosist and @carlgnash, checking what they are upvoting with a high percentage and re-steeming and looking at the blogs of those authors. Quality finds quality, and you can iterate down through a number of blogs using this "deep dive resteem/vote" method to find some great authors. I've even created scripts to build author lists for me and alert when they post new work.

So why is there no easy way to browse what your favourite people are upvoting? Well, there wasn't until now. I suggested this feature to the guys at @steempeak and they delivered!

This, for me, is a game-changing feature for people who want to read quality content on the blockchain. It's probably not as beneficial for people who want to earn curation rewards - when this information appears in these feeds, it's likely already curated pretty well but it will give you the opportunity to find great bloggers more easily and possibly earn good curation rewards from them in the future.

So how does it work? A curation group (for instance @photomag, @c-squared / @c-cubed or @curie) can provide an update to allow their Steempeak profile to show the following new | CURATION TRAIL | button

Screen Shot 20181009 at 20.24.27.png

Clicking on this will bring up a feed of the posts voted on by this curation group or user. The curation group can set a default percentage above which to show posts (as some trails, for example, the curie one, can have a lot of votes at lower percentages for different communities and they only want to show, by default, posts above a 20% vote). You can also edit what you want to see by clicking on the settings gear icon when you are viewing the trail.

From my point of view, this provides one of the best ways of viewing the blockchain and I'll spend a lot of time discovering new authors and content this way.

Major kudos to @asgarth for doing a great job of coding this and letting me help him and the other guys at Steempeak with ideas. It's great to have some involvement in the progression of this great UI.

Example profiles that have enabled this feature so far

Thanks for reading



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