Starting my own witness node - looking for your support.


After over a year using the Steem blockchain, I have decided to finally set up my own personal witness node. Why am I doing this?. Well, that's kinda what this post is about.

Firstly, I want to give a bit of an overview of my technical background as being technically competent is probably the most important aspect of running a witness node.

My technical spec....

Late in the last century (jeez that makes me feel old), I completed a Degree in Computer Science and have since worked in various industries, primarily as a software engineer. My real-world development experience is primarily in Java Enterprise systems, but I've have touched on numerous other languages such as C++ and Python. More recently I have been developing applications using NodeJS and React, both for fun and in my full-time job as a third line application support engineer for one of the worlds largest online payment companies. Basically. I spend most of my time putting out fires, fixing things in all kinds of spaces and managing system recoveries as well as implementing monitoring strategies to prevent issues occurring in the first place. These aren't just small systems either; we are talking some of the most complicated and time sensitive, real-time systems you can get, hence I can be on-call, 24/7. I've been doing this for nearly 5 years now, so I feel I am in a great position to be able to take on the management of my own witness node and provide a robust and stable service for all of you.

As you might already know, I am the witness operator and a developer for @curie, and have recently developed their new post submission platform, Becquerel. This is a ReactJS front end with a NodeJS/Express backend/middleware layer and a MongoDB database hanging off the back. It's all secured up using SteemConnect and is being used daily by the curie curators and reviewers and has just gone over 1200 post submissions in 2 months. That's just one example of what I have been working on. I have a couple of other dev projects on the go as well

  • A Discord bot which allows communities to upvote posts from within the Discord app.
    @c-squared have been using this in their Discord community for the last couple of months and it has really helped with the efficiency there. The bot can accept commands from certain roles which can upvote with certain vote percentages and leave comments in defined languages. Vote percentage can also be calculated on a linear scale based on current VP and a minimum VP. It can also follow and re-steem posts. One of the most used features is the ability to drop a configured emoji on a link dropped in discord. The bot then goes off and votes/follow/comments/resteems and adds it's own emoji to confirm that the action was completed. All of this is configurable and will soon be open sourced and available for other communities to use.

  • A witness monitor script
    Loosely based on the monitor script by @therealwolf, the script monitors the witness node and does switchovers to the backup witness node or disables the witness completely. I've added some extra functionality to message Discord users in the event of missed blocks as well as doing daily reports sent to a discord channel.

Running the @curie witness goes a long way towards showing that I am capable of running a witness well. Curie is a top 20 witness but the work I do there is purely voluntary.

My community involvement.

Of course, you can build all the greatest dApps/scripts in the world and run the most efficient witness, but all of that is pointless unless you have a good community using the blockchain. I am primarily involved with @curie and @c-squared, both of which are curation initiatives, finding and upvoting quality content on the blockchain. My other involvement is in my own personal project - @photomag. I really want to empower photographers on the blockchain and although I currently curate mostly photography work with my curie direct follow vote, I want it to be more. That's why I have envisioned @photomag - a website on top of the blockchain which will give photographers somewhere to go to read and be rewarded for great content in every aspect of photography

You can read more about @photomag here

Making @photomag a thing and empowering curation efforts such as c-squared is the primary driver behind why I am running a witness node as well as my love for development and trying to help the community out in general.

I really hope that I can get your vote based on what i've talked about.

Some witness specs

I run the manual build of the STEEM witness, currently running on 19.11 on both primary and backup nodes. They aren't the most powerful of nodes yet, but if my witness returns increase and my node production rate along with it, I'll be sure to upgrade and implement full/seed nodes as well as more powerful witness nodes.

Full dedicated primary node with 99.999% Uptime SLA

Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 64 bits
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650 - 3.2 GHz - 6 core(s)
RAM: 64GB - DDR3
Hard Drive: 240GB (SSD SATA)
Bandwidth: Unmetered @ 1Gbps

Big thanks to @catalincernat for helping me out with a backup

I use the pretty informative @timcliff post as a baseline for setting up the witness.

My price feed is created by that Jolly Pirate, @drakos and is available here

I am also using Netdata as additional monitoring and alerting as well as some of my own scripts.

If you would like to vote for me as a witness, please visit

and enter my name and vote

Screen Shot 20180812 at 11.15.01.png

Or use this link to vote using SteemConnect.

Thanks for reading all this, hopefully, it convinces you that I am a great use of your witness voting stake.



i voted for you, Mark! I hope it will help you so you could make steemit even better ;)

Of course I have to vote for an angel, especially a curie angel :D.

Congratulations for making this decision @markangeltrueman! Some time ago I made @abh12345 my proxy, so I'm calling him over here so that I can hopefully vote for you!😊

Thanks for that Lynn, would be much appreciated. I've spoken to Asher in the past and love what he does for the platform so his support would be welcomed.

You're welcome @markangeltrueman 😅 I love what Asher does for this platform too!

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Excellent motivation. Voted!!

Voted for you like a shot. It's a pleasure to be able to vote for someone who gives so much to the creative and curation community here. E x

I support your project, you are really doing extraordinary developments. I wish I can be helpful to you....

I am fairly new to this platform, but the community support I have experienced in these few days is really admirable. Then again get to know about a person who has even great plans to take the progression even further is really exciting for newcomers. Great thinking Mark.

You've got my vote. Keep up the good work @markangeltrueman.

Right on Mark! good luck... voted ;9)

Hi Mark. I am glad that you are community orientated and have given your own time to curie. The platform needs more people like you with the know how to make a difference.

Merci pour le boullot Vive Steemit seul le travail paie !!!

Voted for you! I love your projects and I think you truly deserve my vote :)

Very interesting and fascinating how you support the community. As a photographer, I am very interested in high-quality contributions. I am curious where the journey is going. You have my vote in any case.

Warm greetings from @faltermann 🦋 🐛

If loving the steem blockchain too much is a crime, then markangelTRUEman is my witness :)

see what I did there!? ;)

Just cast my "write-in" ballot. Thank you for all the hard work you've dedicated/continue to dedicate to the Steem platform and community.

Voted for witness!


Welcome to the dark side. :)

Thanks man, looking forward to it.

Sounds like you have all the baggage to be a great witness. Wishing you all the best.

This all sounds very convincing and you got my vote @markangeltrueman.
I'm sure with you we have a new stable witness that supports the steemian community/blockchain.

Steem on!

VOTED !!!!

Mallory's hooman for the win !!!! \o/

Eh Mark, you had my vote a long time ago, setting up your node I was able to make it official.


Congratulations @markangeltrueman, you’re a fine witness already.

Okay, you got my vote. Sounds like a good plan.

Done ... :)

You got my vote! Awesome to hear that you plan to open-source the c-squared bot, I was going to ask you about it as soon as I would find some time for coding since it would make our life with travelfeed curation much easier!

I put in a vote, I may want to pick your brain about setting up a witness at some point. I just haven't convinced myself it's a great idea yet, being relatively new to the blockchain and not sure about the politics around running one. I should be able to handle the tech side though.

Good luck to you on your new witness venture ☺️

You got my vote
The better you look the more you see

Voted! tks for all!

You have been RE-STEEMED!

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