Steem Panel Discussion: Some Points to consider

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This post is written in order to offer some opinions for tomorrow's STEEM PANEL DISCUSSION' on mspwaves broadcast station. I may or may not be present tomorrow to raise this issue so I would request the whole Steem Panel to look upon this subject

Image Source: Steemit post of @aggroed

I have two main issues which I would like the host & moderator @aggroed and the rest of the steem panel   @jesta, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes, @elear, and @andrarchy to consider.

#1 Abuse of #introduceyourself tag

If you check the Introduce Yourself topic right now, by clicking this tag here   #introduceyourself , I assure you that you will see more than 50% posts there, which has no relation to the tag. And the percentage won't change and my claim will remain valid even if you read this post 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or even after a 1 month from the moment I'm writing this right now. It's funny that now I have come to believe in the consistency of these abusers more than I believe in Steemit. Since the posts under this tags garner more upvotes and it reaches to more users, the #introduceyourself topic is always flooded with irrelevent content and it's hurting the Steemit community .

Not only these abusers are polluting the topic with irrelevent posts, they're making it more harder for the new steemians to grow here. It's heartbreaking to see an intro post getting less than 5 upvotes and a fashion blog post making a killing under the #introduceyourself tag. I often check the profile of these abusers and almost every single one of them were found to be using it repeatedly.

 More than 90% of their content were on #introduceyourself tag.

I think this can be solved by restricting the use of tag to only once and assigning bots to detect and flag the content in case of abuse!

The percentage won't change and my claim will remain valid even if you read this post 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or even after a 1 month from the moment I'm writing this right now.

I would so much love to see my claim falsified by the initiatives of Steem Panel in the future.

#2 Abuse of the flag feature.

The flag feature is pretty cool in my opinion I think. It helps a lot in improving the quality of content in steemit and I appreciate what @cheetah and @steemcleaners are doing by using this feature. And unlike other platforms where downvotes means next to nothing, the flags in steemit are very powerful and it's tied to the reputation score in our steemit profiles. Spammers don't have a long life here in Steemit due to this feature.

But with great power comes great responsibility and I've seen a lot of people abusing this feature and raising flags irresponsibly on very small and insignificant matters. They just flag the hell out of someone because they dislike someone or don't agree with their opinions. I've even seen some serial-flaggers who target specific users who are on their hatelist and flag every single post of them.

While it's free to use them and there are almost no restrictions and it's not illegal to do so, it can be very costly for the victim because it might take an year or more to increase the reputation score to 70 or above but it'll take no time drop down to zero or even to a negative number ( @berniesanders -18) if you get repeatedly flagged by powerful steem holders. 

   It's fine to disagree with someone because we all have our own opinions and a unique voice. But we shouldn't use the feature irresponsibly. This will only hurt the growth of Steemit community.

Another issue about this feature is there isn't any anonymity in it and you can clearly see who flagged you so people often flag the person who flagged them and the other one flags back and we get to experience a holy FLAG WAR. Forget ordinary weapons. We have FLAGS to kill each other here!

I once flagged a user here on Steemit for repeatedly using the #introduceyourself tag and I got flagged by her and her followers. The feature is also not very useful for minnows like us.

 I think we need to add some moderaters to review the flags and make it compulsary for the flaggers to provide a valid reason. 

I do not know whether these issues are easily solvable or not but it would be a great improvement to this platform if it happens.

Looking forward to tomorrow's discussion @aggroed sir!

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You are not making sense.


No! I'm calling you Grant! Because of your World War Two Obsession.


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No just a server somewhere out there.

Abuse of introduceyourself tag a very important issue


@joeycrack Yes it is brother. I hope the Steem Panel looks into this matter.
It's polluting the #introduceyourself feed !

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Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope they look into this... These are very pressing issues :( and must be solved as soon as possible !


Yeah absolutely, life has the problems always just needs to be addressed in due time, isn't it?


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