TOMORROW! @jesta, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes, @elear, and @andrarchy - Steem Panel Disucssion

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This is your reminder to tune in tomorrow for the Steem Panel discussion. We'll talk with top witnesses, the largest active account on Steem, and get a peek into Steemit too.


This is a panel discussion. Acting moderator, @aggroed, will ask the panel members questions, some of which will be taken from the chat or from comments left on this and the previous announcement post. Panel members will have the option to answer them.

Basic questions of vision for Steem, recent spike in price, and general state of the network will kick us off, and then we'll get into more detail. If you want to know what the top witnesses are doing you don't want to miss this.


The panel will be held on Dec 9 from 11am-1pm EST, which is 1600-1800 UTC.
The discussion can be listened to during the broadcast at
You can interact with the panel by being in the live audience chatroom in the PALnet Discord.

Speaking on air

If you'd like to ask questions of the panel or are on the panel please make sure you're ready with a working headset and microphone.

Check your audio here:
I'll drag you into the live on air channel if you're on the panel or given an opportunity to speak.

General Rules

It's a great time to ask questions. You are free to ask tough questions. People being belligerent towards Steem, the Panel, or Steemit Inc will be kicked.

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I'll be brewing an extra strong pot of coffee tomorrow to make sure I can contribute :)


Cofee is hurmful for your health😉


That's nice

Well done. I hope someone will still make a Steem powered forum which they will sell to other webmasters, so they can run it on their own domains...
Is anybody still working on something like this or does anybody know, if someone else is integrating this into the normal forum softwares like WPForo, Xenforo, SimpleMachines, PortaMX or Elkarte Forum software ?
Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.

great panelist.

got any records? d.sound? or the usual, google/cloud servers?

I will be there in a corner somewhere.
Hope you have a great day,Thanks for all you do!

Sounds great! Is there any chance there will be a summary or audio posted that I can view after the live broadcast?


I'll record and post.

thats great concept my friend @aggroed

Oh, looks like something I'd wanna hear. Looking forward to it.

"It's a great time to ask questions. You are free to ask tough questions. People being belligerent towards Steem, the Panel, or Steemit Inc will be kicked"

I thinks this very nice poin

Putting the future and betterment of steemit on this forefront

Thats what we should tag this meet up.

I will listen, thank you

🎵 Woooot!!! 🎶
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Nice panel you got there and with you @aggroed as moderator, I think it is going to rock:)

I volunteer to edit your typos agg. just sayin

I would be there surely

Ahan thanks for posting this @aggroed
Topic spd

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waw is very good .. you make a very plan for me .. so for small fish very help .. da

this is very good information,
is there broadcast on television, if it is on which broadcast.

I will try to be in the audience for this one. Sounds interesting.

It´s going to be around midnight here in Asia unfortunately but I´ll try to tune in just in case I shouldn´t end up in a bar with a nice cold beer ;)

I'm excited!!

This is so exciting hearing from these people. Most anticipated ;)

will there be a recording?


good question :) did you find it?

V nice :▶◀: Great job @aggroed

very interesting .., ^_^

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Peace over all of us, very nice post from either the word or the appearance

I am a beginner, I need the support of seniors players long steemit to support my passion in playing this, steemit

I say thank you

Follback brother

Thanks @aggroed these are good ways to know more about the platform thanks for sharing

This is awesome! I am loving the new thing where you get the power users to join up for insightful conversations. Looking forward to listening in tomorrow.