Minnow Support Project Community Standards- "The Spirit of MSP"

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The Minnow Support Project Charter

The Minnow Support Project was created by elected Witnesses that choose and chose to operate this public community organization. The primary goals are to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, to help Steemit Grow, and to train and retain minnows on the platform.

Minnow Support Project Community Standarsds

The following are the Community Standards for members, leaders, and elected Witnesses of the Minnow Support Project while interacting on Steemit, interacting in the PALnet Discord Channel (the Discord Home of the Minnow Support Project), and for interacting with each other in other communication formats.

Please read it thoroughly. Each policy has been carefully thought out and developed with the input of members, leaders, and elected Witnesses to support individual and community health, safety, privacy, and ability to rise to the challenges of the Charter.

In order for this community to work well, each person must take an active part. Trust, good communication, patience, honesty, responsibility, integrity, and a willingness to give up a small measure of absolute personal freedom and voluntarily agree to live upon agreed community standards are necessary so we can continue to have a successful community (this is how we have nice things).

Please consider that you are voluntarily choosing to live differently than you may have otherwise while you remain a visitor, member, leader, or elected Witness of the Minnow Support Project. We expect that you will follow the rules and expectations for your own personal growth and happiness, the good of the broad Steemit community and more specifically the Minnow Support Project Community, and the fullfillment of the charter.

About us


The Minnow Support Project is a publicly chartered organization by elected Witnesses to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty with the specific goals to grow the Steemit platform, and help train and retain minnnows on the platform to be successful.

As unique individuals, we come together in our digital homestead on the Steemit Platform and in the PALnet Discord channel. For many of us, this will represent hours of our day week after week as we engage each other

  • in our personal mission to change ourselves and our world to better reflect our values
  • to fulfill the mission of the charter
  • as colleagues and fellow Steemians in an extended conversation about our relationship with one another and the terestial and digital community around us.
  • To leave our community slightly better than the one we found through our positive contributions to it and within it.

By working hard both physically and intellectually, by embracing the struggles and rewards of living in this unique mission driven community; by acting as learners, workers, and leaders,

  • we become more self-confident and mature;
  • we learn to live well with others;
  • we learn to clarify our values and sharpen our intellect;
  • we are able to grow personal and community wealth and influence;
  • we become better observers of the world around us
  • and we excel at fulfilling the charter.

Our Community

At the Minnow Support Project, leaders and elected Witnesses believe that communities need to be nurtured and do not achieve their full potential without the care, energy, and good will of all members. Complete honesty and direct communication are essential to the health of our community,as is a passion for fully embracing the spirit and standards of our community. It is through these paths that trust between all members is achieved and we can live in service to the mission.

At its best, our community is joyful, warm, and receptive to new ideas and welcoming to all members. Individually, each of us values hard work; each of us understands that we are responsible for our own actions, and that, together, we can achieve great things and fulfill the mission of the charter.

We travel to our digital homestead from many places of the world and many different perspectives. We each individually choose to live, as Thoreau said, “deliberately.” Each day, to the best of our ability at the time and circumstances we are in, we try our best - knowing that we have lived fully, loved ourselves and each other, learned deeply, and did our part every day to fulfill the mission.


The Minnow Support Project aims to change the world. By our voluntary choice to engage in this community and strive for everyday living with responsibility, joy, and service to ourselves, one another, and our charter.

Whether engaging in a spirited Discord or Blockchain discussion, working on our projects, hosting a radio show, or just chilling in the pond we live each day deliberately with an eye toward connecting the individual to a larger community.

Community visitors, members, leaders, and elected Witnesses come to PALnet and the Minnow Support Project with a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and levels of self-awareness. We hope during their time in the community they develop a a strengthened ownership over their digital and terrestrial home, learn to teach and live in our values of peace, abundance, and liberty, share their experience in this place with the world at large, and work with an understanding that they can make a positive difference in our collective habitat.


Visitors: Explore and engage in the community while voluntarily abiding by our Community Standards and being willing to learn about living by these values and working towards our mission.

Members: Live by community standards, engage in positive discussion, live peacefully with oneself, one another, and the community. Spread goodwill and cheer about this community. Voluntarily help where interested or called to meet the mission.

Leaders: Foster community spaces and lead by example to show in action what living by our Community Standards can mean. Take ownership, responsibility, and be accountable for one or more Services and/or Operations of the Minnow Support Project.

Board: Have broad oversight across multiple Services and Operations of the Minnow Support Project. Hold ourselves, one another, projects, services, functions and communities to the community standards and help fulfill the Charter.

The Minnow Support Project

The Minnow Support Project is a Steem blockchain and Discord based community. It was founded in 2017 by publicly elected Witnesses to serve as a publicly inclusive space on the Block to fullfill the charter mission of spreading the value of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty while helping Steemit grow, and training and retaining minnows on the platform to be successful.

In addition to the blockchain account @minnowsupport and the PALnet Discord community MSP offers a variety of services and has a variety of operations to help fullfill the mission. More details can be found in the lastest public Governance post from the Minnow Support Project.


I pledge to serve in any capacity which brings both value and kindness to the project ~
senior moderator & witness

Sadly I see some poor ill minded people looting minnows for show casing that they are the ones to support minnows which I will be sharing in my post, but its good that we have @minnowsupport. Thanks for your work.

you are looking very handsome man

@kristyyd loves everything you all do for everyone!! Thanks for filling us in before @aggroed 💛

Hello I am new here hope to be one of your friend here. Good luck to all

There are a great many of us who have benefitted greatly from this incredible project. Long may it continue.
I urge everyone to join and take part when they arrive at Steemit. There is no better place to learn the ropes, make friends and get inspired to be a better person and writer. There is something for everyone. If you haven't already click the link and start your journey, you won't regret it.

@rougebot BOTTY loves MSP.

Signed @discordiant MSP Sheriff and Senior Moderator.


Hiiii @minnowsupport, very informative and valuable blog you shared. Congratulations and appreciation for creating "minnow support project. You already done a great job for us, thanks a lot for that,...

Well I think this post is partly clear to me

thanks for all the support to the community, Minnow Support Project does a fantastic job. @minnowsupport

well we are ready for every thing thanks fro sharing the information

I've been on Minnow support Discord for a few months now. It's great but it's not working for me anymore. Whenever I post on the upvote page, I post with $upvote and the bots say unable to vote please try again in 20 minutes. This was me posting after a long time off of Steemit. Is this a bug? If so, can it be fixed? Thanks!

If you ever have questions, come to the Discord and ask a moderator! If you have been off for a while, it's likely that the Bots need you to use the register command again. On the few occasions that they go down, the command needs to be made to reconnect your account. Easy peasy. Pop in, and someone will absolutely help you out! Commenting on big posts like this, it's likely your request could be missed~

Ok, thanks very much for the help! I appreciate it.

And this is the mission I signed up to support. Yaas. @eturnerx.

Great. Thanks for sharing information @minnowsupport

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This was resteem by me

I've been spending a lot of time perfecting my post signature, devoting it to helping either newer users (like myself) or non-Steemit readers learn more about Steemit. I am including a permanent link to the MInnow Support Project in that signature. Thank you for the work you are doing.

i like MSP, i need MSP!!!

Thanks for supporting newbies like me. Thanks also to experienced users who led me to your discord page.

I have been registered peacefully and hope to live here in liberty and together we all achieve abundance

The amount of thought and effort that has gone into this project shows the deep well of caring that you have for this community. I hope to discover what value I can bring to you all. @brisby

My teaaaaaam!

I´ve read all! One and simple conclusion....I have no idea. yeeep. Let´s work

What a well thought out Charter; love it!

I will do whatever is required of me to achieve this vision, all we need to grow is worm together as a TEAM -TOGETHER EACH ACHIEVING MORE.

Happy to have encountered this beautiful project and community. I celebrate our getting together under these values and this beautiful spirit. Looking forward to contribute spreading the value of Peace, Abundance and Liberty.

I @tawasi, agree to these community standards.

To me they seem similar to the finest tenants of anarchy, not the smashy smashy kind, but the Radical Levels Of Personal Accountability kind.

Again thanks for the work put into the MSP and the PALnet.

Your MSP University Podcast from a couple of days ago brought me here.

I am excited to be a part of this project! I look forward to getting to know other minnows, taking my Steem blogging to the next level, and helping others do the same!

I'm glad and excited to be part of this community. Kodus to the minds and hearts behind this project. I believe that this is the perfect community where a newbie like me should be.

One of the best statement of intent and standards practices I've read. Thank you for your tireless service and support.

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