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Some of you may know that @steemonboarding was founded by @coruscate and me after Steem Fest where several conversations with major stakeholders, top witnesses and dapp founders gave us enough feedback to make a viable project with a good enough business plan to actually work towards helping the Steem Blockchain to achieve mass adoption.

Our first announcement, around 8 months ago got a lot of attention and pretty much all the dapps out there gave us their support. The project idea was amazing and the process sounded like something the Blockchain actually needed: An organized, simple and attractive idea to introduce Steem to people who are clueless about Steem and crypto, in ten of the most popular languages on Steem.

The team is made out of some of the best, most committed Steemians I have ever met in my Steem life. People like @coruscate, @ramengirl, @travelgirl, @evecab and @joythewanderer gave us that drop of experience from vlogging we needed. Steemians like @tibfox, @guifaquetti, @waybeyondpadthai, @fingersik and @amalinavia provided us with different approaches and knowledge of the ecosystem. Community focused users like @crimsonclad, @tarazkp, @abh12345, @revisesociology and @justineh gave us their time and mind to bounce ideas and advice to get the best product possible. OG Steemians with a deeper knowledge of the community such as @acidyo, @andrarchy and @voronoi were incredibly helpful with recommendations and providing useful advice for the business plan. @anthonyadavisii and @elteamgordo singlehandedly brought the website to life exactly as we wished for.

And all of these people worked for the project without any sort of payment or asked for any sort of remuneration. If anything, Steem Onboarding is a project that could be used as an example of how a diverse team from all over the world can achieve amazing things by just having a bit of organization and a set of goals with dealines.

Our own Roadmap was ambitious enough to create expectation and at the same time, realistic enough for the team to actually provide results and a clear working model.

Our Fundition campaign started with the right foot and we got a bit of funding.

We ran several contests thanks to some Dapps funding such as @oracle-d, @fundition, @dtube, @tasteem, @steempress and @steemhunt and we even got out first adoption campaign out thanks to @theycallmedan, @yabapmatt and @ocd. All of this without any funding or cashing out the steem we've earned through posts except for some domains and manpower payments.

But then the bears came and Steem took a hit. The community started to get discouraged from prices, rewards and overall activity on chain and, since this is a project that depended on the Fundition campaign to work - or at least the Steem price to stay around $1 - to keep working full throttle, we had to slow down our progress.

This doesn't mean that we completely stopped, it just means that @coruscate and me, alongside most of the team, since we are working mostly for free for this project, had to focus in other Steem stuff (or real life stuff) that can help sustain ourselves.

The business model of Steem Onboarding is selfsustainable once we reach certain point on the project. We haven´t reached that point yet, we are still in the building phase - even though the website is fully functional by now and any user who speaks Chinese, Spanish, English, Russian, Korean, Thai, German, Portuguese and French can easily understand what Steem is about and how to join.

But we are not there yet, we still need to develop more stuff to actually be able to bring in profit for the project and for our team members who have put a lot of time and effort just because they believe in Steem.

So, I guess this post is mainly to let you guys know that Steem Onboarding is still active, we still have a lot to give and we won't let down anyone who has invested votes or donated liquid to this project. We are going to deliver, it will just take a little it longer than we hoped it will.

The road map stated that by now, we would be exactly where we are right now and yet, in January we were hoping that by now we would surprise everyone (and ourselves) by having way more in the website and for the user experience there.

So yeah, just wanted to let everyone know about this. The reason I'm posting this on my own blog and not on @steemonboarding is because this is nothing official - we have an official contest cooking - and we want to keep the project's blog only for official stuff, and this is more of an unoffical heads up from one of the founder's side.

We want to thank everyone who believed in us and has high expectations of this project, we won't let you down or just disappear :)

By the way you can check out the working website right here

You can check our Fundition Campaign right here

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Great comms, dude! It's always good for people to hear that things are still ticking along and the project is very much alive and kicking! Here's to unofficial heads ups! :O)

En Steem siempre pones el nombre de Mexico en alto. Gracias por todo lo que haces.

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So many things going on simultaneously, hope you are well.

Amazing post!! Thanks for writing up this update for everyone and giving some well deserved kudos to our amazing team!! ♥️♥️♥️

Great to read the update - Have you thought about applying for delegation from mister delegation?

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We, steemians, all the 45k active daily users done are best.

We are still here. In the early days of crypto-money, where bears are move savage than the bulls, we need more time to mature the masses, and wait a little more.

Those who stayed, those the project on-boarded, when they are ready, they will replicate what you have done.

The community loves your effort.

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Just keep your chin up and the tide will turn.

Great things take time. I'm off to look at the website.


Just checked the first link English.

Security certificate may need looking at?


Great to hear that the project is still on the run, keep motivated guys the bear market should end soon!

i think it's a great resource, nice work

Meanwhile new people can go to @heyhaveyamet and @steemterminal for help on answering questions and encouragement. They are welcome to join us in the discord server Steem Terminal for realtime help. Just click the banner below to get to the discord server.


@brittandjosie, @thekittygirl, and i will be ready to help any who need it.

Thanks fir the update. You guys have done a fab job.. the website looks very polished!

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Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the update! I am happy to hear that the project continues as onboarding new users is the single best opportunity to improve value creation here on the ecosystem. As more users begin their journeys within the new communities being created, this becomes more imperative as some communities are adding value different ways that the underlying social networking side would

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Thank you so much @anomadsoul @coruscate and to @steemonboarding, there will be a time for a good harvest. Keep on going whatever you think what is good for you and the community unless you keep on going in steem.
God bless you.

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It's understantable I think everything's slowing down on here (with the exception of @steemmonsters) - I just hope the videos that up stand the test of time: that is I hope things don't change so much so quickly they're just out of date.

I can already think of a number of additions that need to be made - obviously the HF (thinking ahead) but now communities.... that's not gonna be easy to explain!

IDM working for free.

great to see this update @anomadsoul ... and great work so far. I was just checking out the site which is looking really good.

A suggestion though. When a link is taking someone away from the site, have the link open in a new window. I clicked on the Steem Profile which is the first link I come to and it takes me away from looking at the rest of the site.

A warning where they are heading is not a bad idea so they know the steem onboarding site is still open for them.

Oh, I'm so glad to hear it! I had gone to the steemonboarding page and left a comment on the most recent post a few days ago. It has been a while since the last post, and I didn't receive an answer so I assumed the project had folded!

Well, this is great news. I am glad it's still going even if it's limping along a bit due to the price of Steem. It can't stay like this forever! Hang in there and good luck!

glad to be part of this! I hope we can move forward soon =) saludos!!!

Keep Going ! I have seen some of the best videos to guide newbie on steemonboarding. Glad now newbie get proper guidance to swim on Steem rather what I had faced in begining

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