Turning 50: A subjective and introspective #steemofconsciousness

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A few months ago I turned 50 in style - playing a gig with and for my oldest and dearest friends and family. Since that day, I have felt not a jot different. And yet...

The signs are there if you were to look and
see: the grey hairs and tired eyes - or
maybe that's just
the sleeplessness brought on by
steemit adventures in the night

Not enough sleep - that's for sure

I blame cryptos

And maybe that's part of why
I keep seeing myself and thinking
time is running out

Burning the candle at both ends
just creates more pain when two flames scorch
the hand's skin and bones beneath
the weary looking body

My weary looking body.

No relief there.

No relief...

And yet, every time my daughter smiles
the Sun Shines in.

What kind of son was I?
My dad is dead.
I tried - I tried.

I can be the best I can.
I can..

And what I see when I close my eyes
is every catastrophe the world provides
driven home to me and mine.

But its not a reason to close shop and run
Rather I'd embrace the pain that burns dads and mums the world over
'cause they can't escape it

Their kids are dead.

It happens every day and it scares me.

Not me
Not mine

And not yours either.

'Cause the right to life trumps the right to whine about losing an automatic weapon that can shred a dozen kids faster than you read these words.


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Sorrowful and elegant, like life. Beautiful piece

Thank you.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Wow so amazing poetry it is thank you sir for share with us.

Thankyou noyon696 :)

thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading!

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

Really nice & smart post....!!...I like it.👌

Thanks Depu :-)


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