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RE: SteemNova - OGame-based browsergame for Steemians

in #steemnova2 years ago (edited)

When i enter a notice message appears:
Message: Array to string conversion
File: /language/pt/INGAME.php
Line: 389
PHP-Version: 7.0.19-1
PHP-API: fpm-fcgi
2Moons Version: 1.8.git
Debug Backtrace:
#0 /language/pt/INGAME.php(389): errorHandler(8, 'Array to string...', 'FILEPATH ...', 389, Array)
#1 /includes/classes/Language.class.php(144): require('FILEPATH ...')
#2 /includes/common.php(209): Language->includeData(Array)
#3 /index.php(24): require('FILEPATH ...')
#4 {main}

Am i doing something wrong?


I don't see Your message

Probably fixed, please recheck

Fixed, thanks, i always enjoyed ogame, but it was way to p2w, going to give this one a try.
I will see you in battle my friend :D 🚀🚀

This version is complety free. Dark Matter you received 100 every 6 hours. (Dark Matter is premium resource, but in our version it's free)

Hmmm that's good. I played yesterday, i liked the game, i get that "ogame" feel which is a good thing, you guys just need to improve the ui a little, it's not very eye appealing, and the star system and galaxy system UI also needs some improvement, ogame never got this one right either.
Also if you guys also want to see other space games that you can take good ideas of i would say astro empires is also a good bet, i played it for a while and i enjoyed it very much.

Pay to win? Every game these days has it. Even steem.. :))
You could implement it and make some SBD with it:)

I think it will destabilize the game. For sure you will be able to buy a small advertisement, but users will all get some amount of Dark Matter (Win - Win).