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RE: SteemNova - OGame-based browsergame for Steemians

in #steemnova2 years ago

I think a nice good first Steemit integration would be:
An SteemNovaBattle account which posts at #SteemNovaBattles each time a battle is going to start "X sends y ships to z for a battle" it might contain some information about defence and chances of winning.
After 7 days it would then check who won and pay out the share of the rewards of the post to the winner of the battle.
(Might only announce close battles and not whale against minnows).


This is interesting idea. Doable by simple bot and would reward the winner.
Would mobilize players to interact each other.

If you'd use any of the materialize css/jquery libs you could make it look fresh in just under a day =D

Yeah it's easy and fast to code, and would also bring you some more attention.