The Slow times on SteemNova

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When the strategy game drags you on.

It has been a week since I started playing SteemNova, a space strategy game using the OGame based Two Moons.

Since I started, I have created an Alliance with @gniksivart and @potplucker. Because I created it and the other guys didn't care, I named it Logic Force. Which seems more like a policing group than a universe conquest team. Since all three of us have just started last week, we are still at the bottom half of the leader board.


In fact, the only battles we've been in is that @gniksivart has been attacked 5 times. Cowardly Space Scum!!

But, so is life in a strategy game. When you are small and are trying to build up your planet, you are open from attack from others. Especially when it takes a lot of resources to get to the point of adding defense on your planet.


Each level of technology takes more and more resources to get. And each level of mining (Metal, Crystals and Deuterium) takes more resources to uplevel. And of course, you need Energy to mine and it takes a lot of resources to level up power plants to create just enough energy to build 1 more mining level.


You get to the point, where it used to take minutes or a few hours to get enough resources, now it might take an entire day to store enough resources for the next level up. Of course, don't forget to build up your storage capability or you stop mining. And since different amounts of resources are needed and resources are mined at different rates, you could fill up storage for Crystal while waiting for enough Metal and basically be wasting valuable mining time.

And that's what makes a strategy game fun for people who like these types of games. It is balancing all the options, making plans and taking actions that won't be realized in the short-term.

The long-term goal SteemNova is to have the best Alliance. The one with the highest score a score based on what you have built, collected and won. But, you have to take many steps to get to the top of the board and you have to take even more steps if you start late.

Logic Force doesn't have a single space ship in it yet. We can't afford it at this point. We are busy building up technology and defenses to protect that technology. But, even when we get to the point of building ships, we have to decide what is the best ship to build. Is it wise to build battleships and go out an attack? Or is it wiser to build colonial ships and go out and create more worlds?

Another great thing about strategy games is that no one answer is the correct answer. You can take many paths to achieve the same goal. The goal of UNIVERSE DOMINATION!!!

Anyway, a short-term goal is to have more players. If you would like to play a text-based space strategy game that can be played on almost any web browser, then come join us on SteemNova. If you would like to be a part of Logic Force, once you get on SteemNova, send me a message.

Oh, there is the one last thing. Players get to earn SBD for playing and ranking on SteemNova.

SteemNova - 2018-02-18 Weekly alliance shares and player rewards

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Looks pretty cool. Signing up, I'd like to join Steemnova


Free to join.
Have fun!


Sent you a buddy request in SteemNova. It has a message in it for instructions.

Way to advertise. Bunch of changes already in just 4 days.


Seem to have issues with the chat working.
I colonized a planet, but I guess I need to uplevel Expedition Tech to do a 2nd one.