SteemNova - 2018-02-18 Weekly alliance shares and player rewards

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Last Week: Latest news, politics, epic battles and intergalactic Steem participation in the SteemNova world.


The game development proceed smoothly. GitHub repository grows for pull requests and gathers new feature requests/issues/bugs. So is the community. #steemnova tag is living on its own. There are few good articles for new players that explain game mechanics:

SteemNova - How to Expedition
Colonization Guide

For now there are 229 players in the game.

Political situation

Last week serious political shuffles happened. There is no Cerberus alliance right now. Seems like they teamed with HIGH and are now part of one big block. This makes HIGH the strongest party in the universum.
On the horizon new alliance appeared. D-A-CH is completely new team consists of German-Austro-Switz players. They managed to group 16 players. That makes them the biggest team in the galaxies.


BuildTeam Gang alliance with Galaxy Fleet
Galaxy Fleet Academy alliance with Galaxy Fleet
Galaxy Fleet Academy alliance with BuildTeam Gang

Non-aggression pacts

Esperantuloj non-aggression pact with Galaxy Fleet
Esperantuloj non-aggression pact with Synchronized Worlds
Synchronized Worlds non-aggression pact with BuildTeam Gang

Latest epic battles

Hall of Fame
1. @fifcior & @jozef230 VS @sebaj86 - 3499kreport
2. @desteemy & @sarmaticus VS @michael-maresca - 2914kreport
3. @dotevo VS @marsell - 1777kreport
4. @dotevo VS @marsell - 1710kreport
5. @marsell VS @Przemko - 1577kreport
6. @sarmaticus & @desteemy VS @rampagejr - 1197kreport
7. @michael-maresca VS @mys & @whd - 1060kreport
8. @fifcior VS @reggaemuffin & @raycoms - 914kreport
9. @Plooper VS @Bezimienny - 907kreport
10. @jozef230 VS None - 865kreport

No moons were created.

Weekly shares and rewards

Formula goes as follows:
Reward = Player Points / Alliance Points * Alliance Shares Percentage

Summary for current standings 2018-02-18 23:00 CET:

@Cz?owiek Iluzja160772.2%*
Synchronized WorldsPointsShares
@mys resign from reward734168.21%*
Galaxy FleetPointsShares
Steem PolskaPointsShares
BuildTeam GangPointsShares
Galaxy Fleet AcademyPointsShares

Total rewarded 65 players out of 229

*percentage share of total SBD this post payout


People registered names in game should be equal to Steem account name. @steemnova account will reward players from this post SBD earnings in single transactions after 7 days post living.

For the Emperor!

"The Steem must flow"

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Thank You!
I'm the Leader of D-A-CH Alliance - All Germanspeaking Players are welcome to join our Alliance.

Happy Gaming


D-A-CH is rising fast! Time to get some allies or to get big alone?

Well, hopefully team Logic Force will appear in the rankings soon. Maybe not next week, but who knows.


You bet we will sooner or later.


Fat rewards incoming, buddy.


I hope so. Logic Team is less than a week old, so we came in late.

It's the first time I play this kind of game. Hope to enjoy it for a while.

I cant sent message for player in the game. No find users?