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RE: Ninja Widget & NINJA Airdrop

in #steemninja2 years ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dammit! I meant to create a Ninja token before anyone else did... now it looks like I'm too late. Arrrgh.

Well played Steem Ninja, well played. Back to the shadows for me...


Ah @aussieninja San, you were slow this time, you will be quicker next time. We wish you all the ninja skill and honor in the Ninja Warrior tournament you will undertake! Maybe there is a sponsorship possibility there? Would you like to sport a Steem logo along with a Steem Ninja logo when you take part in the event? We imagine that you are not allowed to advertise for this, but that you may be able to communicate on your T-shirt where you raised some funds from to help you in your quest??

Ninja Token. I will be following this project closely. Sorry if this was already mentioned and I didn't see it, but, this token will be on which blockchain? Bitshares? ERC20? WAVES?

NINJA is a token on the Steem blockchain. You can check your NINJA wallet at :)

very good gretting from venezuelan

You must ask yourself, grasshopper. Who is the more deserving ninja??

Oh, wait, no. That was the early bird that got the worm.. not early ninja. Early bird!!!

Ignore me. I got my folksy sayings mixed up..

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