The Best Place to Learn About Steem/Steemit For New users ( and old:)

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( imagine this post in a cowboy's voice)

Howdy ( spits out chewing tobacco, gets off horse) ,

If you are a seasoned steemian just upvote and be on your way, this here is for the new cowboys and cowgirsl in town.

You know, I couldn't tell the last time I wrote a blog post, I have been all up on dtube. But today I was inspired to use my fingers a bit because of the number of lost new steemians I see who came in and popped right out only to dip their feet in now and then because they couldn't really figure out what was going on. If you are new here, this post is priceless and guess what? I am not gonna make it hella long either.

When I first joined steem I came in with a know it all mind set. " I know how to use Instagram and Facebook hahah let me dive right in". Boy was I wrong. Can you believe I didn't even make an intro post? Here is what my first post looked like, see here .

Now If I had done a proper intro post and got my name out there, engaged a bit, my first article ( the one above) would have gotten a lot more attention.

But then what?

I don't know how you found yourself here on steem but maybe the person that introduced you doesn't have time to mentor you as much as you need and they shouldn't have to.

I have been here since September 2017, and was scurrying to get info from various places, youtube, steem articles, watching what others did etc.

Now what I am about the show you is the best way I have seen for someone to learn about steem/steemit


The website has video tutorials on almost any topic in the steemiverse. Do yourself a favor and sign up. The creator is also a friendly guy who is actually taking the time and effort to help new users, follow him @jongolson

Watch the Steemsavvy intro video below then go sign up and get to learning.

Well stranger, the sun is about to set and my lady and a cold beer are waiting for me. See you around the block.



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Nice post. I learned it all on my own, through trial and error.

You did a great first post. I started small. Check out my first post:

Then I spend a few months posting small stuff, before I made my introduction post. 😅

Hehehe yup, I kinda learn better that way but it’s not for everyone. Man that is a fantastic painting on the first post though! That strategy isn’t bad though, test the waters a little. Some people make a huge splash with their intro that carries them like a wave though lol

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At the time, I thought: "Why the heck should I make an introduction post, if no one is following me? What a waste of time."

So I waited for a couple of months, before posting one. 😅

@dmilliz Wow, I will use this for new people. I was thinking of doing some tutorials about it as well, but it seems that @jongolson did already a pretty good job. So I will stick to makeup 🤪 The thing is that it is very difficult to discover people on Steemit. I will bookmark the page! Thank you for sharing this. Ehm I just this all free to use?

yup. completely free. i tell people when they join they have a choice. to sign up for a steem account for free with steemit or use steem ninja. but yup it’s 100% free to use.

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Okay, good to know because 2 friends joined recently and I will tell them that they could use it 🥰 I signed up as well 🤪 But there are some videos locked... I guess I have to watch the others at first 🤔?

Yes, you have to follow through the videos in order to unlock the next ones. Designed to offer the basics first, then move into other aspects of STEEM. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable!

Don't forget to drop by the Discord and say hi. We don't bite, and you could get SBI for being there! :)

Thank you. We could get SBI? 🤔 And where is your Discord link?

it’s actually in the training lol i know. frustrating. but it’s all done by design.

i could give you the link but i don’t want to spam dmilliz ‘ page. not sure if he’s ok with me sending it here. wanna respect his post :)

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Hm, not sure if that's a good idea if people get the discord link only in the training.., because they might have some questions before they sign up etc. 😉

yup like richard said. the system is designed to be ‘drip fed’ so that people complete the basics before moving on. helps newer steemians so that they don’t get information overload :)

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Yeah okay makes sense thank you 🙄

Yeah he Jon got it locked , but different languages wouldn’t hurt. I think that’s where steem onboarding will come in. Yeah it is difficult , it’s like you just get lucky sometimes lol

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Yes, that's a huge problem for mass adoption, we need more languages, sometimes I think it would be better to do my videos in German or French because the English market is a bit saturated... (i mean in general..)

A great blog post about a great program to help new folks on Steem.

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Thanks man! Steemsavvy is really good and people need to know it:) send new users their when you come across them.

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thanks for the support man. this means so much. Savvy has flown under the radar here on steem but it’s really starting to get attention now.

i am very thankful for all the members and feedback i’m getting. i’ve got so much planned for this project. can’t wait to bring it all to the market :)

thanks again man.

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Dude this needs to be on steemits front page! Seriously. It really deserves all the praise. I really don't wanna see new steemians making the mistake I made. I will keep on telling people about this priceless resource. Keep on doing the good work bro.

appreciate that. don’t forget. you have an affiliate link in steemsavvy. where you can build your referrals in things like @steemmonsters @partiko @drugwars and a few other steem based programs ;)

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Thanks , this is something I meant to do abd starged poring the links together and .... sidetracked lol. Thanks fir the reminder dude !

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I have known @jongolson since back when he had hair! And yeah, he is passionate about offering resources for people to better understand STEEM.

If anyone needs help, we can always be reached in the SteemSavvy Discord. Join us there, and hang out with some really great people.

Damn fine post @dmilliz!

Building the STEEM blockchain with Savvy solutions!

Thanks man ! HAHAHAHA “ when he had hair”
Yeah he is really passionate and has such a positive energy. Gotta appreciate that man.

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@dmilliz, howdy bro! I like cowboys :)

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Bien duro el aporte

You should join . Can you understand English ?

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I must check this out :)

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You guys are doing a great job. 🙌🏼

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Indeed they are :)

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Great indeed ! Make sure to share it with new users you come across.

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