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Heya everyone wassup,

Today I am going to giveaway one gold foil card stay tuned. So a story is like that my yesterday's quest was pending. I didn't play SM because of my killing assignments I completed my two quests today. I got one gold foil card from one of my quest reward cards, so I decided to giveaway that card. Before telling about giveaway card lemme show you my today's #QuestShitRewarCards 🤣.



Ok, People, I am giving away my angry genie:P so for this card what you have to do? hmm you have to do nothing Just lemme know

What is your favourite Steemmonster card and why?

Umm well my favourite card is one summoner :P Prince Rennyn😉

Second tag one of your friend who might have an interest in this giveaway.

Xawi is simple so my giveaway is simple no hard rules and requirements cool😎

Ok, how would I pick a winner? hmm, a good question so answer is I've asked you tell me your favourite card along with a reason so it totally depends on your reason 😉how susceptible and accurate it is.


See ya good night now

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I love Silvershield paladin. Apart from its defense ability, it also protect all other monster from hurt. The higher the level the more surprises it displays.

@olaexcel come and win a free card.

My favorite card is cocatrice
Very very cheeky

I know @priyanarc likes gold foil cards

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the Spirit of the forest; it's very fast, and has tank heal and protect and fly abilities. i use it as often as i can.

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@xawi my favourite card is Cocatrice. Because it's a cheap mana card. But it performance is awesome . It misses many attack except magic attack. I mention @ayasha

Watch this vedio of Cocatrice.

  ·  last month (edited)

I love spirit of the forest, it fast, better and best, it know when to attack, when to defence. Let me call on my boss in steemmoster, he the boss when come to steemmoster @zaku. Thanks @ifeoluwa88