Malric Inferno: Prideful and Unforgiving, but ultimately Short Tempered | SM Rare Card Fantasy Story Contest

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Hi there peeps! It hasn't been that long since I posted my Raven the Death Knight story and now i'm back trying to put out some more lore for Steem Monsters! This time i'll be serving your palate with my take on what should be Malric Inferno's Story. As Malric's elemental ancestry fuels his motives, this is also going to be a very fiery tale, so put your seatbelts on and enjoy the ride.

"Water burns stone through wear and persistence. The light from the sun burns eyes, skin and earth. I can even rub my hands together until they burn. Indeed, everything burns. But the Prophecy is one of unity, not destruction. That which was Splintered shall be made whole.”


Street brawls were usual in the well hidden corners of the Burning Lands. Nobody regulated or stopped them since all the monsters and fiery beings who lived there WANTED to watch and sometimes participate in them. But this one was different from all of the other brawls that happened during that day.

A big and burly Pit Ogre was the unbeaten champion of that night. The Ogre was... everything you would expect of an ogre; Big, muscular and strong, but rather brute and unstrategic which hadn't mattered till the last match of the night. At the last moment before the Pit fights had ended, an emblazoned fiery figure came into the ring. Footsteps weren't heard, just the cracking of fire burning up as it consumed the oxygen surrounding the figure. Monsters and Fiery beings in the crowd gasped at the same time (Some even grunted, since that was the only sound they could utter.) The figure revealed itself as the one and only, the ominous Malric Inferno.

The crowd was segregated in two sides, monsters who were excited to see Malric fight and the monsters who were excited to see Malric get beaten up.
He knew what the crowd felt and it only helped to fuel his feelings to punch the Ogre even more. Blow after blow, the Ogre and Malric were getting more heated up and aggressive against each other, but in it's own bruteness, the Ogre didn't realize that Malric's hits were taking its toll on his arms and body. They didn't only hit like a truck, but they also burned like liquid magma. Before the Ogre noticed that the skin on his forearms was being scorched, one of his arms fell down out of fatigue and that's when the fire fury really hit where it hurts, downing the big and hairy Ogre in only a couple of minutes, but this was not enough, Malric got near the now almost unconscious Ogre and handed him a couple more hits right into it's face. The ogre then passed out. It wasn't about winning anymore, it was about dominating his enemy, it was a statement. Malric knew it, the crowd knew it, heck, even the Ogre knew it but that wasn't too important then. Malric dissapeared into the silence of the night without taking the prize money soon after that.

The Inferno Royalty carried a heavy weight inside of the Burning Lands, taking deeds of heroism and honor under it's wings but also tales of savagery and utter destruction. Sadly, Malric was on the latter side of his family. Being prideful and unforgiving meant that many of his minions followed him out of pure fear and not admiration, but that was a fact he was willing to ignore.

Since he was born and woven into the internal hierarchy of the Inferno family, the traditions of it, changed. It turned into a "Who was the strongest" contest, and as it turned out, being the male heir of the family, gave him the liberties and rights someone couldn't dream of even in their wildest hallucinations, so this led Malric to be someone arrogant, temperametal and hard to deal with, in the eyes of... Everyone else, except for another temperamental and fiery being.

Mishna decided to pay a little visit to Malric. It wasn't going to be a "Hey, it's been such a long time, let's catch up!" meeting, this was going to be a statement. She entered the Inferno house with a blast of her powers, enraging the already badly humored Malric. 'What is the meaning of this intrusion, Lady Mishna.' said the crimson being with a strong hint of arrogance as his fiery hair was starting to to burst. 'You're but a brute with power, you're no more than the Ogre you beated up a couple of days ago.' And with this wording of her, every sound in the Burning Lands ceased just to listen to this conflict.

It wasn't hard to get Malric pumped for a fight, but Mishna had that "je ne sais quoi" which made it easier. 'So you decide to come into my house and disrupt the peace inside of it? You have some nerve, Lady. But if you really want to test me, I won't decline.' And as soon as Malric finished speaking, his minions were already being summoned, but so were Mishna's. The battle didn't last long, Mishna's strategizing and the sheer strength and synergy of her servants together, made an impenetrable defense while executing some top notch blows to Malric's lineup. When the dust had settled and Malric was even more enraged to have lost, the crimson haired girl got close to him and said in a soothing voice 'You're one of the few beings who can actually think here in this scorching piece of land, so actually use your brain for once.' and she then quoted in an angelical and ancient voice 'The prophecy is one of unity, not destruction.' but before Malric could utter anything else, one of Mishna's Ogre's hit Malric cold and left him unconscious on the charred floor of the Inferno property.

Since that day, Malric's ego took a hard hit, but it definitely helped Mishna's advice to be part of Malric's life motto. He asked himself where he had gone wrong and how he could fix what reputation he had built for himself. It took him a couple of months to fully understand that the fire he weaved could do much more than just burn things. Fire could be used to create as well as destroy. Once he took this lesson into his fiery heart, he felt like his powers as a summoner had been reborn, rebuilt and repowered. He felt a deeper connection to his internal fire and as an extension, to his minions, which felt it instantly and made them stronger and more united, but it was time to test if he was ready to face the challenges to support the prophecy Mishna had talked about.

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To prove his worth, Malric decided to fix one of the issues plaguing the Burning Lands. An elemental Phoenix had met it's end by the hand of a Zintar Mortalis at the edge of the country. The now turned undead beast was wreaking havoc on the near towns and cities, terrorizing anyone who dared step near the Phoenix's destroyed territory. But Malric had had enough of this blasphemy and intrusion towards his country.

Finding the beast was an easy task since it was screaming at the top of it's lungs in a suffering but necessary search for food. Bright red and purple rotten feathers were all sprawled on the dirt, slowly fuming by the hot air emitted from Mireyya's keep. The now not so glorified beast noticed Malric's ominous presence rather quick and before he could completely summon his formation, the phoenix started throwing Magic blasts towards his position. Malric's initial wits weren't that fast, so the first Cerberus he had summoned, took a hard hit it wasn't supposed to. Malric instantly pulled his Cerberus back to heal for a while and istead, deployed a Goblin shaman, a Giant Roc and a Fire Demon. The Roc was flying near the Phoenix to distract it while the Goblin incantated a weaken spell. The Fire Demon was ordered to cover the Roc while it distracted the beast, but the phoenix was as agile as it needed to when it was alive, so this was no easy task.

As Malric encouraged his minions and ordered them what to do, he felt how strong the bond between them had grown. He thought about when his Cerberus took a hit, if Mishna hadn't slapped his ego out of him, he would have kept the Cerberus there and it would have been annihilated by a couple more of hits from the Phoenix. He smirked, he knew he had this under control.

After a few more seconds, the goblin had managed to execute the weaken spell, and the beast was instantly shook by it. which gave time to the Fire Demon to get some direct hits on the beast's chest, sprawling even more feathers on the battlefield, but as the Phoenix regained control of it's body, the Giant Roc slammed its claws on the back of it, bringing it down to the floor. Malric's plan had worked, but it was missing the final blow. As soon as his Giant Roc had flown off the target, Malric sent his now healed and buffed Cerberus, which chewed up on the downed bird's neck until it stopped moving. The deed was done and Malric had proven himself, but he couldn't carry the Phoenix's body into Mireyya's keep, it would be a disgrace and taken as a loss against his own country from the undead land, so he thought of a better idea.

Malric got near the Phoenix's body, he nodded to his watchdog and it stopped biting. Malric held the undead beast in it's arms, and with an internal peace that some monsters couldn't even dream of, he started to burn the bird. First were the feathers, then the skin and later the meat and bones. Everything was turned into ash as it flew slowly onto the floor. The Roc sat on top of Malric's right shoulder, giving the pile of ashes a weird look, his Cerberus got near the ashes and gave it a couple of sniffs. The goblin stayed far away and finally the Fire demon stood aside the hound with a cautious look. And then, Malric's energy seemed to be coming back from the ashes.

The pile of ashes turned from a purplish gray to red, really bright red. and then feathers started to grow back, getting the bright red and golden tint they once originally had. The feathers started to take a shape, the wings were being reborn again, bone by bone, skin pore by skin pore the phoenix was coming back to life. Malric's minions stood in awe right besides him. From Malric's perspective, he was astonished as well, he didn't know his powers had grown this much, but he was more accomplished than ever.


Phoenixes are said to be reborn from their ashes, but no one had thought about the ashes of a dead Phoenix. Was something which was blasphemied like this able to live again as it did before? No one knew, but this was a statement of how much Malric's powers had gone from savage and destructive to be able to create and bring life anew.

Malric appeared in Mireyya's keep a day later, with all of it's monsters finally at peace with him, He got near where Mishna and Gneg usually hanged out. Mishna was waking from a rather long nap (which sometimes lasted for months) but she knew why Malric was there at that moment. Malric got near to where the other two beings were standing, he walked slowly but certain that he had changed for good, a small elemental phoenix chick was flying over Malric's shoulder and then stood on it while the rest of his now more companions than minions, stood beside him, full of honor and energy. Mishna took a look to Gneg's only eye and the both smirked with confidence. Malric was then celebrated as a new Knight of the Fire order, born anew from his ashes to help the prophecy come true. The Burning Lands were getting ready to change.



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