Steemmonsters Splinterlands Cards Tradeable for DROIDS and VGIFT on Steem Engine

Offering DROIDs and VGIFT tokens for your cards!


Would like to offer different tokens for your SteemMonsters cards! Many will just exchange for STEEM of course. DROIDS may be used for items in other games that you may be interested in exploring in exchange for your extra SteemMonsters cards.

Or you may just want to get rid of your whole collection! Used to do this for gamers for decades for cards and video games for example. Starting to look into possibilities more and more as of recently.

Below is an initial offer for cards in DROIDS and VGIFT tokens

Offers may be initially submitted and approved or counter off may be offered as market values sometimes fluctuate and change.

Air Elemental7221
Alric Stormbringer9528
Angel of Light209.560
Animated Corpse4.52
Chromatic Dragon184.553
Clay Golem8.53
Crustacean King196
Dark Enchantress33.510
Defender of Truth89.526
Divine Healer258
Earth Elemental69.520
Elemental Phoenix264.576
Feral Spirit52
Fire Beetle9.53
Fire Demon7522
Flesh Golem34.510
Frost Giant21060
Frozen Soldier83
Giant Roc52
Goblin Shaman4.52
Goblin Sorcerer52
Gold Dragon390112
Haunted Spider72
Haunted Spirit268
Kobold Miner124
Lightning Dragon24570
Lord of Darkness22164
Lyanna Natura7020
Magi of the Forest9828
Malric Inferno39.512
Minotaur Warrior52
Mischievous Mermaid72.521
Naga Warrior6519
Pirate Captain52
Pit Ogre103
Sabre Shark52
Screaming Banshee5717
Selenia Sky670192
Serpent of the Flame4914
Serpentine Soldier83
Silvershield Knight52
Silvershield Paladin124
Silvershield Warrior52
Skeleton Assassin52
Spineback Turtle103
Spineback Wolf4.52
Spirit of the Forest474.5136
Stone Golem11.54
Stonesplitter Orc83
Swamp Thing116.534
Twisted Jester99.529
Tyrus Paladium6519
Undead Priest155
Water Elemental258
Zintar Mortalis49.515

Check out DROIDS from SilicaNexus in IEO (to those outside of the United States) on LAToken.