500 SP with Steem Monsters

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The first transfer to Steem Monsters for packs went from @yabapmatt on 21st May. Since then, Steem Monsters is unstoppable in the STEEM landscape. Only 10 days later, I bought my starter pack. From then on, almost countless booster packs. But only almost countless.

Out of boredom, I have summed up my transfers to and from Steem Monsters and what shall I say? It's more than I thought!
My investment paid off against the return and I was able to power up to 500 Steem Power without much effort and with lot of fun in just 4 months!

My calculations goes from 21st Mai until the start of sale of the beta packs 2018-09-18. These are the pure transfer payments. I've also partially converted SBD to STEEM to buy more packs of course.

  • My investment of a total - 327.333 SBD & 2.714 STEEM
  • Transfer to Steem Monsters total - 479.234 STEEM & 554.835 SBD
  • Transfer from Steem Monsters total - 1087.781 STEEM & 292.087 SBD
  • My first sale was to @the01crow at the 23.6. for cards in the amount of 23 STEEM

Since then I have had more and more fun watching the market and was also looking for bargains. At some point I came home and the gold foil cards were introduced. Also retroactively and I had a lot of luck! They also let rain STEEM into my wallet!

On 24.7. I got my first gold foil legendary card Angel Of Light and a day after she was sold to @kobold-djawa for 264.660 STEEM and 100 of them were my first bigger power up. After that, my SP was ~210. Amazing how cheap these gold foil legendaries were back then! But it is what it's like...
And after that I started to power up my STEEM and it was only by selling and trading cards that I could get over 500 SP.
Just ~500 only by Steem Monsters in just 4 months.

I have also a complete alpha max earth deck worth 529,38 STEEM at the current lowest prices per card on the market, also the half bulk of summoners at @lyanna and still unopened 110 alpha packs - Maybe I'm gonna get rich :D I've left out the rest of the small stuff, but one thing's for sure - for me was Steem Monsters successful the last 4 months and will remain so!

See you in the battle arena!

Variola ✾


You're my Lieblingsmensch! <3

♚ ❤

Hey ich versteh nix Steemmonsters Spiel, läuft das auch auf m Mac? Aber das Lied kenn ich glaub ich.

Beste Grüße und schönes Wochenende

Wollt jetzt nicht beim Martin im Artikel rum kommentieren :D aber Starterpack kostet 5$, dass wäre momentan 6.380 STEEM und Gameplay gibts hier

Hauptsache eine erhellende Antwort :) Ich schau mir das mal an. Erinnert mich an dieses Autostechen was wir als Kinder gespielt haben. Wann kommt der Steemit-Shooter denn? Schade, ich dachte schon man kann die Kingz im #deutsch "abballern" :)

Wie Du nix verstehen von diese Spiel? Logo läuft das auch auf'm Mac! Ziemlich süchtigmachend ^^
Guten Start in die Woche!

Steem Monster has left me beautiful experiences, I have been able to do good business, and great profits, I am happy to be part of the culture of this great game.

net schlecht... Hätte wohl aktiver sein sollen^^

hehe, ich glaube, das denken sich einige :D

Well done :)
It's been difficult to lose money on this investment.
Buy anything and hold it for a month = winning.
We're only just getting started :)

Thanks Matt Flesh Golem :D
Yes, definitely. I have seen a few that have also generated STEEM in that way e.g. @hanen :D she bought cheap and at the right time she sold for the double.
I'm very pleased to have thrown more STEEM into the ecosystem on this path.

Hey congrats on the success. The whole Steem Monsters phenomenon is mind-blowing!

Yes totally and I'm happy to be a part of this exciting journey! Thanks.

had the same thoughts after counting :D

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Thanks! Already corrected (:

Nice post continue

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