Steem Monsters: Guilds in a nutshell

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Let me run you threw the very basics of the Steem Monsters Guilds.

Joining guilds

There are 3 ways to join a guild.

*By invite are usually private guilds connected with a certain group or community that what the same minded people or
just their friends in a guild.

*By request is simply you will send a request to join and they will take a look at how active you are and the level of your
deck and if they feel like you meet their criteria, your in.

*Open guilds anyone can join and these are usually more casual or for people who don't know many people but want to
make a squad.

Why join a guild?

At the moment there are two main reasons and one other reason to join a guild.

*First you can receive a discount in the in-game market on potions orbs and skins from 1%-10%.(This is based on how
many daily quest are completed by your guild)

*Second you can receive an increased DEC earning rate from 1%-20%(This is also based on how many daily quest are
completed by your guild)

  • Last there is a guild chat called tavern that allows for only guild members to chat it up.

The guild Tax

*The main goal is to get as many people in your guild as possible. In order to keep adding people you need to upgrade
your guild's hall or castle. To do this you must donate DEC to your guild. To open a Guild it cost 10000 DEC and that
allows up to 15 players to join. Remember the goal is to get as many daily quest done so the more people the DQ and
the bigger the DEC increase rate and Shop discount is. 30 players is the max with your guild hall at level 10 which cost a
crazy amount of DEC.

More stuff will be added later like guild events which will allow you to challenge other guilds for prizes

That's all folks I hope this answered some basic questions, have a great day.

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I've heard that a guild may be created for the Portuguese-speaking community (Brazil, Portugal etc.). I'm Brazilian. If it gets created, I'd like to try and join that.

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