Steem Monsters: 3500 DEC Give Away Plus Bonus Prizes

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I`m feeling like a million and I hope you are too. It is time, the end of month give away 3500 DEC to one lucky person.

For the 3500 DEC

  • comment a simple thing we current take for granted(flush-able toilets, super markets, and electricity).
    (winner will be picked and paid in 3 days)
    That's it

For the bonus prize of some DEC

*Resteem and up-vote. (Let me know you did this in the comments of it will not be paid out)


Yesterdays winner was the all mighty @tillysfamilyfarm, congrats. 113 DEC flying your way.

See ya!


Paper - whether it be toilet paper or the news paper or notepads, it isn't something I can say I stop and appreciate often. Wouldn't want to live without it though :)

smart phones
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air, oxygen 👀
nobody cares about this
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Cans. I can't imagine a world without cans.
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Something we take for granted.... time.

-thanks for the DEC. and hosting something fun to do :-)

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Environment is something we are taking for granted.
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Access to clean water and being able to eat whenever I want. Resteemed and voted you.

Fresh breath and life

Something we take for granted: clothes.

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Thank you, I hope all is well

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STEEM will rise

Running water and toilet paper. Appreciate those kind of things a lot more since we've been to Cuba.

Ps Upvoted as always ;)

clean water
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thank you for your support

Good food
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easy access to abundant food

for better or worse this is so true

I'm going to say electricity for myself and son, we live in Northern California and recently been dealing with our power being shut off, due to the wildfires here.

stay safe my friend

Thank you, sir!

Clean water and electricity

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yes indeed, we live much longer thanks to these things

Internet, until the router goes down, then all heck breaks loose.

indeed, so much of our life depends on internet. from food production and delivery to water filtration and street lights. Chaos will ensue

I would say... WIFI! :)

I want to choose kind heart is the most essential thing for the human society.

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thank you for your support gave you a follow.

The planet, Too many people, think it is something that we can just ruin and take advantage of.
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very true, thank you for partaking.

I think we take potatoes for granted. Think of all the good pubs that would be ruined without fries...

great point, I love it.

common sense. We all have it, but there are so many who choose not to use it. either way, life would e very bleak without it.

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Yeah it would be nice if it was utilized more, thanks for your support

Yeah it would be nice
If it was utilized more,
Thanks for your support

                 - threejay

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Good Life
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I definitely take for granted having a mattress.... can you imagine how hard it would be to make one yourself? And you try a sofa.... you think its comfy....but then 20 minutes later you're just wishing you were on a mattress! (I realise sofas are something we take for granted too... but Id take a mattress over a sofa anyday)

yeah, a nice bed is heaven, thanks