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Steemmonsters continues to amaze me. When I first joined the Splinterlands 14 moons ago, this game was merely an entertaining way to pass the time. Then the team made a game changing update when they made the rules change for every battle. The game then became a brain stimulating challenge. There have been many great updates since then including new cards, new rules, new currencies and tournaments.

The most recent update involved the new edition of Untamed cards, as well as the expansion of the mana caps. This has certainly been a game changing update as now there is a seemingly endless choice of possible decks to set. I have enjoyed learning about the new cards and the new abilities they have.

My favorite part of the newest update is the 99 mana cap. I've enjoyed every battle where you can play your best monsters without worry about the mana. Obviously it would be impossible to use 99 mana, but I did manage to set a line up using 52 mana today. This is the most mana I have ever used in a single battle. A month ago I would have never thought it would be possile to set a deck using 52 mana. Here is a replay of a battle using 52 mana.


Screenshot 137.png

This was a good line up from @tailcock. I would like to applaud his use of the Taunt ability in the back of his line up. This is something I am sure to use in the future.

Please share your battles using the 99 mana cap in the comments. I will upvote all the replays shared.

Thanks for reading. See you on the battlefield.


Yeah I kind of feel like the same, except it wasn't 14 months for me but only 6... still I love the game and play it almost every day. It's crazy how much the game evolved in the meantime and in what a good manner. The developer(s) do a decent job in managing the cards so the old ones don't become obsolete.

Here is a 99 mana battle I played (and won) but like you said, using 50 mana is quite a challenge, I don't think we will ever have cards to fill the 99 mana cap.


I think the team has done a great job making sure the old cards are not obsolete. They made sure not to replace them with cards that were too similar, while still created the demand for the newer cards with the mana cap expansion. Often times I find it is too difficult to fill 38 mana with just the old cards, making me crave more of the Untamed cards. The same thing happens when I encounter the 12 mana cap.

@themightyvolcano, Absolutely true. New updates expanded the Field Of Possibilities and most importantly this game is achieving lot of eyeballs 👀 and it's a great news for all of us. Stay blessed.

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You are right that more people looking at the game is great news indeed!

You are right that more
People looking at the game
Is great news indeed!

                 - themightyvolcano

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YESSS!!!! I LOVE this 99 mana battle the most! It is my favorite for sure! Love this battle!

I love the 99 mana cap games too! This battle replay isn't mine but I think this is the most mana expensive cards you can put in a single match. Clash of the Titans between hossainbd and @glory7! So satisfying to watch.


Thanks for sharing this great replay. I'm sure @glory7 didn't find it so satisfying when he was unable to finish off the hydra.

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I'm just learning more about this Game 💯💯

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