Little League Champion

Anyone with basic math skills realizes that 28 mana is the most one can use in a Little League battle. When the Little League rule first came out it was impossible to use 28 mana, due to a lack of 4 mana cards. We now have the addition of some 4 mana promo cards that make it possible to use 28 mana, but often you can set a better line up using less mana as some 3 mana cards are more effective in your line up than the 4 mana cards. Today the stars aligned just right to give me the opportunity to use the maximum 28 mana possible in Little League, while still setting an awesome line up. Here is a replay of this battle

The combination of Little League and Super Sneak was very key here. Without Super Sneak, it would be silly to use Cerebus, Manticore and Grumpy Dwarf. Super Sneak also made Dragonling Bowman and Enchanted Defender excellent choices here. It was tempting to add the Enchanted Pixie to this line up for her inspire ability, but I chose to go with the Fire Demon for his blast ability, and because no one wants to read a blog post about someone using 27 mana in Little League.

Since it is so difficult to set such an amazing line up using 28 mana, I have declared myself the Little League Champion for doing so.


I hope you have enjoyed this battle as much as I did, although I'm not sure that's possible.

Thanks for reading. See you on the battlefield!


To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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Nice battle, thorns came in handy.

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