The Silvershield Knights Story by Stever82

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To think that I a prince of this kingdom would have to be a squire. I don't understand why father has sent me away. I bet it just because I am so much better at everything than my older brother. I have to admit even I get a little tired of making him look bad. But who is this knight I must serve? He has another thing coming for him if he plans to boss me around. The Silvershield Knight they call him. What a fool to use silver on the battle field. My armor of folded iron are the best in the kingdom. At least I shouldn't have to do this long. I am sure he will fall in battle and I will head back home.

"You boy stop staring at the clouds and get my horse some water and food and brush him down!" said a voice from behind him.

"Boy you dare to call me boy! I will...." The prince stopped short now seeing the Knight that stood above him. The armor shined like it was imbued with magic. A feeling came over him that faded the anger for a moment. He wanted to stand for some reason and did as straight as he ever had. The knight started to remove his helmet and that is when it hit him this Knight was a girl. Her blonde hair flowed in the in wind and a sweet face looked now up at him.

"You were saying?" she said with a grin.

"I am one of the princes of this kingdom and I won't be talked down too by a ..." Again that feeling that he could figure out. He felt like he could do anything but at the same time like he couldn't fight her. "Oh never-mind I am suppose to be your new squire for a while at request of my father and would like it you didn't refer to me as a boy."

"Okay Squire do as I said while I go to talk to your father. We will be headed out soon and my horse must be ready for the road"

He took the horse and started to do as she said. Still wondering why he couldn't stay angry he was confused.

"So you really think you son could join the Silver Shields ranks? Princes rarely make good warriors." she said looking at the king.

"He is my second son and his whole life he has pushed himself to be great at everything. Like he was trying to prove something to me. I feel that I did him a disservice spending so little time with him. I had to get his brother ready to be king. He knows that but I worry that if he stays here it will lead to them fighting at some point. I asked for you cause you also have Royal blood." said the king.

"I left that life behind not by choice you know that. Most thought that when I was forced to try and join the Silver Shields that I would die. I proved them all wrong. I only came out of respect for the fact that you stood by my family till the end. You son already insulted me today. I won't waste my time with someone that can't show respect." she said.

"Give him another chance you will see it. There is greatness in him. I know it, I saw it in you so many years ago."

She nodded and walked away. She wiped away a tear thinking back for a moment to her kingdom that had fallen to the darkness. They had let her live sending her to train for the Silver Shield Order. She give up her name. They had figured she would die like so many other recruits. But she rose to become and Knight of the Silver Shield Order and hoped for the day she would battle that darkness that had taken her home.

How could a girl be a Silver Shield Knight he wondered. He felt some ashamed. He knew few lived through training to join that Order and she did it. He would make up for that meeting. He had never failed before why should he let this be any different. He finished up with the horse and waited. Making sure to watch the path he wouldn't be caught off guard again.

She returned and saw the Prince waiting this time eyes sharp on the road. He looked like a warrior in his armor but she wasn't sure. He own brothers had not been able to fight when it matter for all their training she watched them fall in battle. This boy wouldn't be different. "Get the horses we are headed out we need to reach the town before night fall" He didn't talk back this time just went and got the horses and they where on their way.

"Where are we headed" He asked

"To a miners town not far from here. There are reports of goblins and kobalds in the area that have been attacking the miners. They are known to feel like they own the mountains but we need those mines to keep producing if we are going build up the armies we need to save this land."

That's right he thought. The order wants to saved this land and bring it back together. He and never understood why. Things where okay in his kingdom they had some fights on the borders from time to time but he couldn't see going to wars so they could be friends again with the people of the forest or the mermaids of the seas. All the fighting the might have to do to reach them and they might not even be friends. Yet he felt like she could reach them. He couldn't understand why but he felt stronger around her. Like the could do just about anything.

The reached the town a bit before nightfall and meet up with the local guards. They confirmed that some of the men had been killed by goblins and kobalds. That they had taken over the silver mines and that they would have to push them out if they wanted to keep the shipments going to order. The plan was to rest tonight and head out in the morning. The guards didn't like look they had many fighters left but he had noticed that they all seemed to perk up around the Knight. He was sure of it now there was magic in that armor. Could it be true that they have magic users in the order? If this was so important why just send one Knight he wondered as he drifted off to sleep.

"Get up we are heading out in ten" She told me with a light kick to the ribs.

The approached the mines before the sun had fully peaked out from behind the mountains. He was sent to scout a test he felt and he was able to sneak up and get a good count. He headed back not feeling so good about this. He had counted five kobolds and two goblins. The had the numbers as only 3 of the guards had come with them. "I don't know if we have enough people. There are seven of them we should go back and get more of the guards." He stopped as she stood up to speak to them.

"We can do this! Those simple kobolds are not a match for me and with you by my side we will have the power of life and light with us." The men pounded their hands on their chest ready to follow her.

He also had felt it again that need to follow that extra strength flowed into him. He could not find the words to protest and the headed for the mine entrance and into battle. He had never seen anything like it. She charged into the battle with for fear and the guards followed right behind. Her first attack went right through the first few kobolds. The guards followed close and they quickly had the upper hand. He noticed the goblin was in robes and he know it was a shaman. he tried to move fast but something was slowing him down he felt his extra strength start to fade. He saw the lighting bolt head for him. He raised his shield out of instinct knowing it would not help. Then her saw her hair out of the corner of his eye. She rushed in front and took the blow. He could tell it hurt her but she pushed on so he also did. By the end of the fight they had only lost one of the guards and the enemies where no more. He had took a few hits but was okay and she seemed fine but he wondered. She had taken both the magic attacks. He had killed the second caster just in time he thought but he wasn't sure she didn't seem to be hurt. They reached the town and the guards went bury there friend. He followed her to the Inn.

They sat to eat. "That was amazing today how did you learn to fight like that. From your first attack you swung the battle in our favor. You saved me and won the day. Even if we did lose one.

"Did you doubt this armor I wear? I earned this though years of training. We only lost one cause I over estimated those guards. To think I had to let those shamans hurt me. But you did okay if you hadn't have killed that last mage I might have had to let another of die."

He was shocked at the tone. "They fought that fight for you" he started

"No they fought it for the realm! We are at a war we must win. You don't know of the Burn the Plague that has begun you in your safe kingdom I don't think your ready to travel with me. Sure you can fight but are you willing?

He sat in thought. The Burn he had thought those rumors to be fake but he saw it in her eyes it was real. There is a danger our there. He again started to feel a need to please her. " I am willing to protect my kingdom"

"We will see. Tomorrow we head back to the Silver Shield Order. Then we can start your training. I don't expect you will last the month. "

He smiled doubt me do you. I will show you I will rise to be your equal.

She went up to her room. Finally able to rest it had been hard not to show how much pain she was in. I saved him and I am not sure why. I could have just ended the battle but he just might prove to be worth more than I thought at first. We need more members in the Silver Shields. We have a war to win.

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you're a great story writer. your story is very good and very interesting. Is this a serial story? ...


I could maybe try again we will see what they think of it. It is for a contest with the steem monsters team. In my mind that man becomes one of the other cards. But have to see if they like the story.


Hope you will win and all the best for you sir.

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I like that you had the Silver Shields as a guild one has to earn their way into.

Of course the prince would get soft around a beautiful woman. 8-)


Ya I figured that it should be a guild cause there are a few cards with the name.