Steem Monsters Airdrop Stats



I just launched yestereday and I've been working like crazy to get some more cool features rolled out.

I've been slowly deciding what data to pull together and this airdrop was interesting so I looked to the blockchain and quickly found the 'sm_card_award' transactions and decided to dive in. This is just some general stats I found after looking over all the data.

What Dropped?

Crypt MancerFALSE767
Crypt MancerTRUE22
Plado EmberstormFALSE751
Plado EmberstormTRUE21
Prince RennynFALSE728
Prince RennynTRUE20
The PeakriderFALSE730
The PeakriderTRUE14

Now, this is exactly what the official announcement outlined and is across 596 players. It's an impressive list of cards.

It gets more impressive when we look at the value.

Market Value

Crypt MancerFALSE767$9.00$6,903.00
Crypt MancerTRUE22$449.00$9,878.00
Plado EmberstormFALSE751$7.99$6,000.49
Plado EmberstormTRUE21$625.00$13,125.00
Prince RennynFALSE728$10.00$7,280.00
Prince RennynTRUE20$500.00$10,000.00
The PeakriderFALSE730$12.00$8,760.00
The PeakriderTRUE14$1,500.00$21,000.00

For the 'value' I'm just looking up that card in the market and taking the lowest price. Of course, a few of these cards have list prices pretty high today--and that's just it, these are list prices, not necessarily what they will actually sell for. Even so, these are some pretty awesome cards that got awarded.

Market Listings

Crypt MancerFALSE60$1,171.54
Crypt MancerTRUE7$8,226.00
Plado EmberstormFALSE48$924.24
Plado EmberstormTRUE4$4,501.00
Prince RennynFALSE41$848.65
Prince RennynTRUE5$5,117.00
The PeakriderFALSE45$1,296.91
The PeakriderTRUE1$1,500.00

Now, with value like that you can't expect these to just sit! Of the 3,798 cards released, 249 have been listed on the market already, a little over 6.5% of the total. These cards are listed by 65 accounts, which is almost 11% in total.

These are great cards with real value so I'm sure players are torn between playing these awesome cards and getting at this real value.


This was just some fun data that was available so I pulled it in. There's tons more data and I'm having fun exploring and plan to release more and more tools. Let me know what you think of this data and what other Steem Monsters data you're most interested in getting your hands on.


This is really cool, blervin. Following this account now.
Great to see more competition in this space.

I really appreciate your support Matt, thanks so much! I'm excited to get this off the ground and see what else I can come up with.

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Really awesome now I can compare what I got in the drop to theses numbers and see what percent I own ;)

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In the market, I show what percentage of the total cards in existence are listed. I wonder how interesting it would be to show those percentages based on your collection?

How do we know who was chosen for the airdrop? Was it only Kickstarter investors?

It was based on beta pack purchases up to yesterday, not just Kickstarter.

Thx for the interesting stats :)

Thanks for the support!

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