Block 30M and the Steem Monsters Airdrop results

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Congratulations to all members of the Steem Community. We've just surpassed 30,000,000 blocks on the Steem blockchain!

Airdrop Results

The airdrop completed successfully!

All told 3,707 regular foil legendary cards were dropped along with 91 Gold Foil Legendary cards to 596 players! The random number generator for the airdrop was seeded with the block id and previous block id of block number 30,000,000, as we announced ahead of time, so that the airdrop was handled in a provably fair manner.

Standard Foil

  • 767 - Crypt Mancer
  • 751 - Plado Emberstorm
  • 731 - Valnamor
  • 728 - Prince Rennyn
  • 730 - The Peakrider

Max Level Standard Foil Summoners available

  • 69 - Crypt Mancer
  • 68 - Plado Emberstorm
  • 66 - Valnamor
  • 66 - Prince Rennyn
  • 66 - The Peakrider

Gold Foil

  • 22 - Crypt Mancer
  • 21 - Plado Emberstorm
  • 14 - Valnamor
  • 20 - Prince Rennyn
  • 14 - The Peakrider

Congrats to all the new proud owners of these Kickstarter Legendary Summoners!

These new cards are also available in new Beta edition booster packs purchased from block 30,000,000 on, so if you didn't get them in the airdrop, pick up some boosters and you could get lucky! If that fails there's always the market!

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Even if I didn't like the balancing of those new legendary summoners, I'm glad to see constant new cards to keep things fun. Just curious, how much more beta packs were sold then usual in that week leading up to this airdrop @yabapmatt?

2.45% of the cards were Gold foiled. Is this normal or just an outlier? I remember hearing something about only 1-2% of the cards will be Gold foiled. Can anybody clarify?



Looking at the numbers above, looks more like 3%!?

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Sorry about that. I messed up the numbers in a hurry.

596 players got cards.
664 players listed on the leader board.
48 didn't get cards?

Well, it sucks to be in that group.


Yep... I am one in that group!

So lets say 400.000 beta packs were sold and 3.707 cards dropped. This means 1 legendary summoner per 108 packs (540 cards), a drop rate of around 0,0018.

For gold that's 1 per 4.395 packs (21.978 cards), a drop rate of around 0,000045.

thx 4 the AirDrop.

Any chance these stats that they have can just be placeholder abilities until you have the capacity to implement the abilities the kickstarter backers designed?

I completely understand the rush to get these cards out there and that the focus is on tournaments right now... but i don't think placeholder stat-abilties is a bad way to go.

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congrats for players who received the airdrop!

Awesome! Thanks.

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Thank you. Way to go steemmonsters!

Thank you! Very grateful and excited to see the new summons in the game play

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Would we be notified if we got some, or would we just have to look in our collections?

Nice got two ha-ha to an epic battle :)