Steem Monsters has awarded $6000 and counting!

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Steem Monsters is proud to announce we've awarded six thousand US Dollars worth of crypto to players!


Are you playing?

Steem Monsters awards players through daily quests, season rewards, and over 30 tournaments every week that players can play and have a chance to earn!


Delegation will be here soon!

in the very near future (it's already live on the test site) players will be able to delegate cards. We're working on a way to delegate whole sets of cards and allowing markets to spring up around card delegation.

We'll be able to separate those who want to hodl and earn through passive leasing and those who are active players looking to get into the game for less money, but still have access to powerful decks. I think we'll see whole decks go up for rent and when we get to guild play whole teams that are bankrolled by those who always wanted to own their own sports team. I envision other blockchains sponsoring teams to help get the word out about their projects!


SBD is still trading over $1

I dont' know if you know this, but SBD is designed to say as close to $1 USD as possible. You may want to consider SBD at $1.10 like a 10% discount off of card packs. Consider picking some up while the conversion rate is in your favor.


Speaking of card packs!

We're hard at working tokenizing them. Very soon you'll be able to buy packs with your credit card, steem, sbd, and other cryptos and get tokens that you can immediately trade on the dex! No more waiting for other players to show up and want packs, simply list them for what you're hoping to get paid for them and the Dex will take care of the rest!


Steem Monsters is fun, rewarding, and getting better every day!

Don't miss this bus on the bull run. Get some cards, even if you're just renting them out, and check out what we've got going on here! You might just catch the bug and be Dominus of your own Gladiator Training Yard before you know it!


Thank You for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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These tournaments are the most fun I’ve had on any blockchain. Keep up the hard work!

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Keeps getting bigger and bigger

Just started a week ago. Enjoying the game. Thanks for the fun ;)

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Exciting times! Looking forward to card delegation!! ✌️😎

Regular tournaments without legendary would be nice :)

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Really like the idea of the gladiator training yard lanista 😎 Spartacus is one of my favorite shows on STARZ @aggroed awesome job! Can’t wait to leasing begins

Lots of cool stuff coming up

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