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BAM! What an incredible ride it's been so far! We're just getting started, and I can't start to tell you how stoked me (aggroed), Matt, and the team are about this! It's an incredible day. We just broke $2M for our marketcap!

How's it work?

We have a bot that looks at the asking price of all the cards on the market. It tallies that compared the number in existance based off of the value of single/non-combined cards. It may not be the perfect metric, but we've been tracking it for months. We just hit $2M!!!

It's glorious!!!


Congrats to you and the team! :)

Hello louis88!

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I've been climbing the ranks lately. Steemmonsters is the coolest blockchain game!

Fannnnntassstic! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have to say I started playing SteemMonsters about 50 days ago and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Plus it also helps to plan what Cards I am going to Buy to better my chances on a Higher Rank. It's not just simple Cardplay there is strategy involved too and I love it.

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Congrats! It's certainly speaks to the value you are delivering! Keep up the good work!

Go Splinterlands Go!!!!!!!
aasplinterlands (640px, 12fps).gif

Greetings, @steemmonsters

Excelente notice for our of us that love to play this game

thank you for share!

Splinterlands is one of the best games on the blockchain! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Fricken cool!!!

Nothing like getting rewarded for all the good works you do on the ecosystem..


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Congratulations 🎈

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That is amazing !!!

Just the start !

It's great! Let's move thuther!

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Hot damn!

Next stop, 10X!

10x here we come!!

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Congratulations 🎈

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I only have one thing to say .....

#spt @palnet @battle #sct

That's honestly a little mind blowing!

Congratulations 🎈

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epic and this is only the beginning, I'm sure we can make it to $10 million once the mobile app comes rolling around

Congrats! Cards are definitely up, I need to max a few cards still, go down! :P

Congrats you guys! You have demonstrated how the blockchain can be so much more than a bloggers' platform.

Thank You @steemmonsters I Love more Valuable Cards...............


Am a long term hodler of alpha cards for sure! @truthforce writing

Pretty cool
... how come no SPT tribe?

Amazing. May this game last many many years to come and just keep getting better. Loving it!

I’ve been stacking cards since December.

I am greedy though and won’t be selling ANY of them.

great we go for more

Stellar. And we haven't seen anything yet in my humble opinion. Growth like that in a valley of death that is crypto until just recently, quite remarkable not much else you can really say!

I really loved good news like this...

Definitely headed in the right direction! Crazy that still want to buy more up here!

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Wo, that is incredible @aggroed , the best is yet to come! Go Steemmonsters / Splinterlands , its going to be EPIC! Upped and resteemed 😎❤👹

Wow! Congratulation! Look forward to seeing $10M!!! Love for all

Congrats !!!
Thanks for sharing!!

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So cool 😎

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@steemmonsters, Congratulations team and in my opinion this journey is just a start and more wonderful achievements and success stories are awaiting ahead. Stay blessed team.

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Congrats you guys!!! 🎉

Great news!
Congratulations to the whole team.
Stay Cool!