Updated Leveling Guide for UNTAMED

Yesterday we announced a whole lot of stuff for UNTAMED: timelines, golems, airdrops, leveling, burn rate, design objectives, mobile and marketing, and survey/updates. Most of that went over really well. We're glad to have you all be excited. We appreciate your passion for the game and diligence watching over your cards. We heard some constructive feedback regarding leveling and agree with it, so we're making a tweak to what we proposed.

The feedback we received both on chain and off chain has been largely excited, but with one critical complaint. The Gold Foil Legendary leveling changes induced some concerns from players. So, while we're leaving the majority of the leveling guide as announced we're going to revert the Gold Foil Legendary back to what it was in Beta: NA, 1, 2, 4. See it adjusted below in the newly updated chart.



Constructive Feedback

Your input and feedback is an extremely critical part of building a great game. The Splinterlands team is constantly reading comments on posts and in Discord/Telegram to gauge reactions and make decisions in the best interest of everyone involved. You may not realize how much of the changes and new features that get introduced to the game come directly from the players and not the team, but it's a LOT!

Hopefully seeing these changes implemented based on your feedback continues to demonstrate our commitment to making this a community-focused game, where not only do you own and control all of your cards, but you also have significant input into the future of the product.

Thank you for pointing out this issue with the proposed leveling of the GFL Untamed cards, and we appreciate your continued support for the game!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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That was quick :)

I think the new leveling makes a lot more sense than the beta one; overall the coming changes seem very well thought. Bring on the Untamed, great job team!

I love that you guys listen... Its a major asset as a company and I definitely notice it. Thanks!!!

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