Steem Monsters Weekly Social Media Report For Week 1 (6/9 - 6/15) 2018

WEEK 1: June 9th - 15th 2018


Set up Reddit Page:
First Printed Promo Cards:
First @steemmonsters Card of the Day Post:
We gave away about 21 Booster Packs
I worked out a deal for SM to be at SDCC 2018 (More info soon)
YouTube Reach: 145 Views (+145)

Notes & Looking Forward:

More Instagram focus next week.
T-Shirt and Promo Card Giveaways.
Daily "Card of the Day" posts on IG & @steepshot
Send Promo Cards out to comic shops around the USA.


132 FOLLOWERS (+67)


17 FOLLOWERS (+7) (More Work Here)

Other Steem Monsters Links:

Join Steem Monsters Here:

Steem Monsters Discord:


Thank You for your continued support!


Awesome! I followed on Twitter and subscribed on Reddit, but I think I will still get my main Steemmonsters info from my Steem feed. But social outreach is very important, so keep it up!

I wonder if there's a timeline available about the main updates to come... I think everybody is looking for the gameplay.
I wish you a great week!

Yeah, you're definitely correct about that! We all want to play the game, not only collect the cards, although it's fun to buy packs by itself.

T-Shirts!!!!! Need one with my Steemit Name on the back lol

Go here to get your post resteemed to over 72,000 followers.

Hi @steemmonsters, I was wondering will communities/people be able to host and run their own mini tournaments or other style of contests inside of the game?

Just curious how are you planning to distribute the promo cards to comic shops? Via mail? It would be sweet if steemmonsters were featured in comic shops!

Let's take positions, let's go, greetings Steem Monsters

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