Steem Monsters Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 9 // 15 Booster Pack Prize!

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The Masters of Lore have determined that we must discontinue the Rare Card fantasy story contest because the stories were actually starting to conflict with the official lore of the game!

But never fear, the contest will still be here.....with just a few changes:

  • Our new contest will be a weekly Fantasy Story and Music Contest.

  • The prize pool will be increased to 15 Booster Packs which will be split among the winners!

  • You can submit any Steem Monster inspired original fiction or music creations.

  • Some submissions may even have a chance of becoming official lore or music in the game!

Rules for Submission

  • Make a Steemit post with your Fantasy story or music.
  • Submit the link to your post in the comments of this post
  • The Deadline for submissions is Saturday, May 11th at 5:00 PM CST

Thank You for your continued support!

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Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Discord

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Here's my submission for this week: Zintar's Lament !!
This one is a lot more somber/dark, which I think fits the Death splinter nicely. No drums or anything, just strings and synths, making it feel a lot more atmospheric/ghostly. Anyway, hope you guys like it!


Very nice; it does fit the splinter nicely.

The right kind of drums would work with the theme as well. Deep, booming notes (Like in LOTR, sounding doom from below)


Thanks! Appreciate you checking it out!

I actually did initially have some big, low timpanis in there, but the other instruments aren't perfectly on beat, because of the long attack length, so it wound up feeling a bit odd with a rigid beat behind it. Perhaps just some accents on certain sections with a big drum/cymbal might work nicely though.


this music worked really well w/o the drums ;)

I was commenting that some drums could fit the death splinter nicely; hope my comment didnt give you the impression I was criticizing the piece


oh no not at all, I appreciate any and all comments! I actually thought this could use some dark, spooky booms at some points, but I also don't have access to any orchestral percussion that sounds decent enough either. I need to make some hard drive space and get some downloaded.


Vengeance is mine, said the Manticore

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Possible feature request? Adding a trade history to steem monsters so I can see what cards of mine where sold and for what value?

Also an overview so I can see what cards I currently have listed and at what price.


you should come to the discord, they have a suggestions chat there you can submit the idea to!