Steem Monsters - Boosting the Steemconomy!

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Steem Monsters - Boosting the Steemconomy

Another Tradable Token?!

Steem Monsters collectible trading cards are not just an addictive fantasy game. They also operate as a tradeable token! Some have already referred to the cards as the Smart Media Token for Steemit see @littlescribe’s Steem Monster news clip here.

Although there is no smart contract or white paper (as of yet), the token itself has appreciable, tradable, and functional value within and without its mother platform. The token contract is currently of a concensus verification on the blockchain. So the idea of a smart media token may not be exact, but it is pretty close. At the very least, the cards are another form of currency.

Steem Monster Cards:

  • are verified by concensus ledger on the blockchain
  • are usable OUTSIDE the blockchain
  • are tradable outside the blockchain
  • are “converted to” or “traded for” major currencies in major exchanges
  • Have a fluxuating value based on their external and internal exchange value
  • have intrinsic value (not dependent on any other coin)
  • have investors (who pay currency for them)
  • have operability that brings external users and platforms into a central steem-based economy (a smart media token function)
  • have a limited use-case purpose separate from the origin coin (also a smart media token function)
  • Bring industry to the origin blockchain (a smart media token function)

The creators of Steem Monsters, @aggroed and @yabapmatt, planned for a token-like outcome. They are both witnesses and large shareholders on the steem blockchain. And although this game brings out the kid in everyone (including -- and especially -- the creators), a huge motivator for creating the game was actually to beef up the steemconomy.


New Kids on the Blockchain

Fantasy card game fans everywhere are investing into Steem Monster cards, even if they do not have memberships on the steem blockchain. And with the latest additions to the card purchasing feature, Steem Monsters is bringing in more and more new players from other platforms than ever before! You have probably seen the announcements this week:

1. Steem Monsters Now Accepting BTC, LTC, & ETH for booster packs and starter packs!

2. Gamers from OUTSIDE the steemit blockchain, who sign up for a starter pack, may now register for a steemit account via Steem Monsters)

What this means for our economy - keeping jobs “local” to steemit

  • more money brought into our platform
  • more investors and users coming to steemit
  • more “local” jobs being created

As more people purchase the card packs, the backstage of the game obviously grows as well -- which creates an environment for more jobs and money-making opportunities. The thing is, @aggroed and @yabapmat are hell-bent on keeping things local whenever possible.

They have not only created crowd-sourcing contests available exclusively to steemians, but they have actually opened up payed positions to steemians as well, and will possibly add to this career list in the future.

The Steem Monsters Team:

Contests Created Thus Far for Steemians:

  • A $1,500 SBD story arc lore writing contest
  • Weekly character lore writing contests
  • Art and illustration contests
  • Voice acting contests
  • Cartography contests
  • Music creation requests

Freelance Opportunities that will be created for Steemians

  • Music
  • Voice Acting
  • Possible Artwork

Indirect Income and Opportunities Created Thus Far for Steemians:

  • Trading Specialists/middle men in card trading (generating interest to bloggers)
  • Blogs and posts (generating interest to bloggers)
  • Live “booster pack” unveilings (generating interest to bloggers)
  • Dlive and use gone up (generating revenue for the site owners, who then invest back into steem)

Other Opportunities:

Steem Monsters is not currently looking for or posting additional positions. But the fact that additional members have been added to the team within a month of its launch is telling. And there are regular steem-exclusive paid contests which do not show any signs of waning any time soon.

The STEEM Dollar Value

Our steem value has had a steady decline over the last few months. This is happening in all of the cryptocurrencies. We want to be the space that picks back up quickly. With games like Steem Monsters generating jobs, revenue, interest, and loyalty on this blockchain, it is one serious step in the right direction.


Check out these contests from Steem Monsters

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Steem Monsters Common Card Fantasy Story Contest! // Week 4 // 10 Booster Pack Prize!!!

Steem Monsters Official 1500 SBD Fantasy Writing Contest Announcement!

Thank You for your continued support!


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Steemmonsters should get more regocnition


I agree! It will happen. Resteem this stuff, and make announcements to peeps on the blockchain. It won't be long before it's everywhere, if it isn't already.

To me, it would be more useful as a token if it were possible to hold and trade unsnoopable packs, or the right to packs, or something. (Steem Monsters gift cards?) The randomness of going from packs to cards, and changes in the card market, are a lot to deal with if you're just using it as a token. Packs are essentially stable. Something to think about.


That's not a bad idea...although, people do already do this. You can trade unsnoopable ones, and already opened ones. And that does have an effect on the potential value.

I think steemmomsters is a great addition to the steem ecosystem. It broadens the use cases of steem, and that can only be a good thing. We've already seen how it's provided employment (artwork and voice-overs etc) and income (steembay etc) opportunities. Keep up the good work, guys! It's even prompted me to revisit an old app I was working on in the hope that eventually you and others could use it to get certain tasks done. :)

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That's awesome! Steem Monsters is really shaping up nicely ;)

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