Steem Monsters Automated Tournaments Now In Testing!

Hey Monster fans! We thought many of you would like to know that tournaments are being successfully tested on the Steem Monsters test servers.

The tournament system has been met with solid reviews by the Monster Mavericks who found it quick and seamless. Rather than using several different websites and having to manually coordinate everything, as has been done for tournaments to date, everything will now be handled automatically and presented in a simple and easy to use interface right within the website. Since everything is also recorded on the Steem blockchain, other sites are welcome to create their own interfaces for tournaments as well!

Additionally, the tournament system will be open and available for anyone to use. That means that any potential sponsor can come in, setup a tournament in just a few minutes, and get attention on their project in return for a tournament purse. Communities can also use tournaments as a way to reward their members, and causes can even run a tournament with an entry fee as a way to raise funds!

There will also be a small fee required to create a tournament to prevent spam.

20,000 Steem in Prizes in March!!!

That's right folks. Now on top of the ability to earn daily quest and season rewards, you can also compete to get your piece of 20,000 Steem that we'll put up for grabs! This is all in addition to any tournament prizes put up by other brands or businesses which could be anything from cryptocurrencies to physical products!

Direct Marketing to Players through Tournament Sponsorship

Our tournament sponsorship opportunity turns traditional marketing on it's head. Companies or brands that want the attention of an international, crypto saavy audience with disposable income can now set up sponsored tournaments that give their tokens and prizes directly to their intended audience. Want to build an emphatic fan base? Reward them!

It only takes a few minutes to set up and companies can get thousands of eyes on their projects, even for relatively small amounts of prize money.

Product Roadmap

With tournaments functioning on the test server and nearing completion to launch on the main server, it's time to look forward to what's next.

Over the course of the rest of February into March/April we have a variety of quick wins that we want to get into the game to make the gameplay experience better than ever, and provide additional rewards to players of all levels.

  • Tournament Updates - After the first version of the tournament system goes live, we have a number of additional features and options that we plan to add.
  • Pack Tokens - We plan to allow both Alpha and Beta edition booster packs to be represented as tokens on the Steem Engine platform. This will allow pack HODLers to trade them for STEEM on the decentralized market that is expected to launch there shortly. It will also allow us to re-publish the algorithm for generating the cards in the packs.
  • Card Delegation - This long awaited feature will allow players to rent out their cards to other players, without any counterparty risk, so that active players and passive investors can work together to get the maximum possible value out of the available cards.
  • Market/Collection Updates - We have a number of updates planned for the Market and Collection pages on the site that will make it easier to trade, view, and manage your collection of cards.
  • In-Game Currency Token - We plan to release a token on the Steem Engine platform which will be the primary in-game currency for Steem Monsters. Players will be able to earn this token directly through gameplay, or by "burning" cards. We then plan to create an in-game store with some exciting items that can be purchased with these tokens, and they will also factor heavily into our planned "guilds" feature and our first expansion later this year.

Medium Term

As alluded to above, in the medium term we have some pretty large new features planned, including a robust "guilds" system which will allow groups of players to work together and battle against other guilds, and a major expansion to the game which will include "empire building" game mechanics that tie into and enhance the core game play.

We are also in the process of raising funds in order to expand our team and build a native mobile app for iOS and Android. The world will be able to collect, trade, and battle in the Splinterlands more easily than ever before!

The Vision

The tournament system is just one of many stepping stones to being able to turn Steem Monsters into a best-in-class and first-of-a-kind blockchain esport. We envision streamers describing card combos as they compete for Glory and Riches to raving fans who help bring in loads of sponsors.

Along the way we'll do our best to integrate other communities, and provide gateways to onboard new users faster than ever.

Every day we have 2,000 players, 5,000 market transaction, 20,000-40,000 matches, 100,000 page views, and we make up roughly 10-20% of the total transactions on the Steem blockchain. For the last two months, even in the bear market, we've sold $50,000 worth of cards! These accomplishments are huge for crypto gaming, but we're barely scratching the surface of what's possible.

The long wait is nearly over!

Tournaments are coming. They're a major step towards changing the face of Steem Monsters and potentially the Steem blockchain. We're committed to taking this project to the highest level of gaming possible, and we're looking forward to bringing unprecedented coverage to the Steem platform!

If you like this vision, if you like what we're trying to do, and you can see how this product and project still has so much room for growth, please consider buying some cards, playing our game, fighting some tournaments, and telling your friends what's possible.

Tournaments start soon. Many other features and changes are right over the horizon. Make sure you're there for the ride!

Thank You for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

Steem Monster Tournament Calendar



This is an amazing update! Can’t wait to see all the cool stuff coming out over the next couple of months

I was in a tournament today. It paid 10 places(prob should be 8 or 16), and lost in the round of 16.

I was placed 11th receiving 0 steem. The guy/girl in front of me who got 10th was knocked out the same round as me received 10 steem, and we both shared the same record (4-2).

When I asked, I was told he/she signed up first.

I have gone back and looked and can not find ANY mention of tie-breakers anywhere, especially an obscure, non-gaming tie-breaker such as time of registration.

I know you guys have spent a lot of time on stuff, but I have spent a lot of money on this game and it seems off that you have to be part of the SteemMonsters development team to know the payout rules for tournaments that cost $ to enter.

Obviously 10 steem is not the issue, this rubbed me the wrong way from a gambling fairness perspective.


I know right ! We will be able to get more rewards and even more importantly more value of the game itself .

The SteemMonsters team is top notch!

YESSSSSSS!!!!!! GO Steem Monsters! It's ya Birthday!! Go! Go! Go! LOL!! I am so excited!!!

076 - Naga (728px, 5fps).gif

That's cool!

I was just waiting for this! The team behind Steem Monsters is really incredible

Yup awesome updates. The only game I really enjoy on the blockchain our one and only SteemMonsters.

Nice art work Clove, and congrats for the top 50 in the last season! :-)

Thanks! I just am thrilled with the auto tournaments! They are so much fun and way easier than the manual ones lol! Go Steem Monsters Go! :-)

Can you please explain what this means? I am unclear as to how it is beneficial to the different stakeholders with this feature.

Pack Tokens - We plan to allow both Alpha and Beta edition booster packs to be represented as tokens on the Steem Engine platform. This will allow pack HODLers to trade them for STEEM on the decentralized market that is expected to launch there shortly. It will also allow us to re-publish the algorithm for generating the cards in the packs.

In other words, I don't know what that means... will you be able to print more cards in the future with the generation of more cards? Who do they trade the packs in to? I believe you when you say its positive, I just need help in understanding why.

ps... we have already had instances proven where people could look at their packs and know what is in them... Then sell the shit packs to unsuspecting people and keep the good packs for themselves... If someone has done that, does this give them a way to get rid of those tainted packs and in effect give the cheaters an edge? I'm not trying to be negative, but I know what has bothered many... and if this does that, then at least it should be dealt with head on. I know there were innocent people caught in the crossfire, but at the same time diluting the cards by taking the shit ones and giving out new ones with regular odds doesn't seem to be the answer either. Maybe you have taken steps to spot who the cheaters are, if so, then please tell us so that you can alleviate any negativity ahead of time.

Check out It's away to generate and trade tokens on the steem block chain. We've essentially allowed steem to host erc-20 style tokens. I think before March the dex will go live too.

So, let;s say you have 200 alpha packs left. If you want to sell them you have to make a bunch of messages in SM discord or reach out to people you may think are collectors. Then you have to figure out a price and hope you agree. When packs go live as true tokens you just put a buy or sell order on the token for the price you are willing to pay or part with them. Then whenever someone is willing to pay the price it's just a click.

As for printing cards... it's the same packs, but now they are way more liquid. We're almost down to half of beta left. That number won't change and actually because of the smart contract for them it can't change after it's been set.

ok I think i understand... let me see if I have this right:

The packs will be essentially tradeable in a liquid fashion by being on an exchange that will have buyers and sellers making active markets... (I don't know who will "clear" these, and give to buyers or take from sellers but not important)

As for the printing of the cards, you will only enable the number of "tokens" to be the number of total packs available... so if there are 100k packs left outstanding, if they want to create 10k tokens then it will reduce the amount of packs left outstanding to 90k packs.

Is this right?

And thank you for the quick and detailed response.

Almost. We are going to convert all unopened packs out there to tokens and all the remaining beta packs into tokens. When you open a pack you'll burn a token (I think they will get sent to @null).

We built the token platform and the dex associated with the platform is still due out this month. You'll be able to see your tokens in your steem keychain extension under tokens, you can see them in, there are several third party wallets making them visible. They will be tradable on our dex, but it's a dex so other sites will pop up and trade them too (like peakmonsters and how they trade.

This change really doesn't impact gameplay, just 10Xing the liquidity of owning/trading a pack.

But the alpha packs that were exposed and kept as packs I would assume would be the majority of the alpha packs that get turned into coins......if that is the case, alpha packs should not be included and left on the black market imho.

Are the contents reset when a pack is replaced by a token, though?
That's what I understood would happen.

If that is the case then full steemmonsters ahead!

That would be awesome and really help to rectify the situation i guess.

Didn't Somebody figure out a Way to See if there were good Cards in an Alpha Pack so they Could Then Sell their other Packs that had No good Cards in them ?? Those People Could Game The System by Getting Big Time Gold Cards If I remember the Steem Post that I read about that happening..

ok cool... thanks again for helping me to understand the implications... I think I have a general idea now and appreciate the efforts you guys have put in to all aspects.

This is awesome news! Thanks for making this great game better.

Nice, the product roadmap is really nice!
Gazua Steemmonsters!

Wow guys, the game was starting to get to the point where I was like hmm do I put more money into this game or not. And the answer now is yes. I am happy about the cards I have and even though I am not a top level owner I have got back a lot more than I have put into this. I love what you are doing and know it might help us push steem to the next level.

Great idea! Looking forward to tournaments! Just bought a few more cards!

Great news, congratulations for your hard work guys. You're doing great keep like that.

It’s so great to see steem monsters going from strength to strength. I have been enjoying playing the game and building my deck . Can’t wait for the tournaments to be launched .

A mobile phone app will be awesome, I have been waiting for this I hope it’s not too far away!

Keep up the great work. Have an awesome day!

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Yes, yes, yes!

So many great news!!! INCREDIBLE .... kodus to the entire team and thank you for this great start into the new week.

Sounds great!

Do you have anything planned for gold foil card tourney/league/whatever? Without such gold foil card privileges, there is very low incentive to buy beta packs at this moment.

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Yep, gold foil only tournaments as well as additional earning potential for Dark Energy Crystals while using gold foil cards are both on the roadmap. Gold foil tournaments will be part of all the tournaments we offer through the site.

Thank you for the reply. So 'dark energy crystal' is a name for token?

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Yes, you can think of it like gems in clash of clans, or gold in wow. It's an in game currency, but this will also be tradable against steem.

곰돌이가 @glory7님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.002을 보팅해서 $0.021을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 3210번 $38.496을 보팅해서 $40.017을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

I love the in game tokens idea great work agg I had mentioned it in the discord that you guys should add that, looks like you guys already had it in the works.
Love the updates, Im enrolled for my first tourney this week after playing for a couple weeks now, with the tourney functionality on it will make it a lot easier for newcomers like myself to participate in tournaments.
I also like the idea of delegating cards to people I feel that will help onboard more people. I got a few friends that are interested but haven't pulled the trigger to give it a try and if I could delegate some cards for a certain amount of time so they could give it a try and see how cool the game is that would be cool.

SteemMonsters is the best game on the blockchain by far. Coming from a guy who never played CCG's before. Plus Steem-Engine this team is awesome keep up the great work for the Steem Ecosystem.

Let's celebrate everyone! it's a good time to be a monster :D

Look forward to it all! thanks for the hard work!

OMG! Awesome! I am very happy with these fabulous news, we thank them for so much effort and I wish them every success, I can not wait, really, I am anxious! I want to be there!

Can You Elaborate on that and Give us some more Detailed Thoughts @stackin ??

We are all so lucky to be collecting STEEM MONSTER cards while this gem is still in it's beta!

Jeremiah Lee Custis

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I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and I am so excited and happy that the roadmap exceeds my hopes 100 fold. Thank you guys I will do everything I can to help grow our community as well!!

oh this is great good work cant wait to all this com out live :)

Excellent job!
Wasn't expect nothing less from you :)

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Wow, what a roadmap!

Wow, the roadmap looks great!
!tipuvote 10 hide

Undoubtedly good news! but very fast require our steemmonsters applications for the ios and Android, i think when we have the applications of steemmonsters then we can call our friends to come to the game so easily and fastest to play.. Thanks for the amazing update.

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Unbelievable! Stellar job @steemmonsters amazing work here in a b-r-u-t-a-l crypto market right now. Can't wait for this stuff to take place, thanks a ton for all of the work and ingenuity being such a unique game and community on all of the blockchain!

I'm looking forward to it

Incredible news and good work!

No more Challonge yeahhh!!!
Great Job Dev Monsters, I hope you have a Chat function as well on mind or somekind of emojis to sent during battles would be awesome. Loving all your updates and Roadmap.
Steemmonsters Rocks!!!

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I'm waiting for card delegation feature. I have a bunch but I don't play.

You guys are doing great work. You are one of the best dapps around.

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Long awaiting, kudos

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Awesome news -- Keep up the great work everyone !

Super excited about the updates! Automated tournies will be a thing of beauty, adding a significant amount of replayability! great things to come, keep it up!

Perfect. Thus steem will adress more people.

Is steem monsters connected with steemit?

Steemit is the interface you are on right now. Steemmonsters is a digital card gsme based on Steem. You can check it out by going to there site and login with keychain. Have fun checkin out Steemmonsters!

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What are in your opinion the most solid decks to face the upcoming tournaments? Last season I reached Diamond 2 using Death very often. I even leveled the Fire summoner, but I don't like playing with these cards. I would like to replace the Fire with Water or Life, what would you recommend?

Amazing news! Thank you!

Oh Finally!!! The automated tournaments are going to be great!

I'm curious to learn more about the sponsored tourneys. Does it work tonpromote a product or book, for example? What are the costs, and other details of how it all works?

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It costs 2 sbd to host a tournament. You can setup the prizes however you want. Steem/sbd are the first two prize types that will have automated distribution.

Cool! I'll defo look into it as part of my marketing campaign for my book. It's fantasy, so I'm it'll appeal to some SM players. Would you recommend Free tourney style or with a cost? I'm wondering what might have a better turnaround.

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Cool. Thanks for the link, I'll check that out.

what are the costs to enter a tournament?

The organiser/sponsor of the tournament gets to pick the entry fee (if any).
I set one up yesterday and recorded the process here - -

Greetings to all - I am new - I registered only on Steemit and started playing Steem Monsters - I realized the principle of the game - however, I am Russian - and much is not clear here - why do I not participate in the tournament ?, where do they go? and I also want to say - that the game is not fully developed - too many mistakes — even at the initial stage — who can — please answer and work with me on illiteracy-free.

Nice thinking about steemit

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