Steem Monsters Art Contest // Week 1 Winners!

Steem Monsters Art Contest // Week 1 Winners!

We had some beautifully unique submissions for our first Steem Monsters Art Contest and it was quite difficult to choose the winners!

At some point we may hold Art Contests asking for specific designs, but for now you can submit any type of Steem Monster inspired creations.

Eventually, we would like to create a section on the website for videos which highlight these Steem Monsters inspired creations.
In the meantime, we would like to share these creations on our Steem Monsters blog posts with credit to the artists.
If you would rather we didn't, then just let us know, thanks!

Ok enough rambling....let's get to the winners!

Steem Monsters Art Contest Week 1 Winner!

Twisted Cuddles • Steem Monsters by @otage

Steem Monsters Art Contest Week 1 Runner Ups!

Steem Monsters Art Contest! // Week 1 entry
by @crittercrats

Introducing The Wrath Of Dragon For @SteemMonsters Art Contest! // Week 1 by @

Possessed Faeries // Original digital painting and process // Entry for the @steemmonsters art contest by @juliakponsford

Enchantress of the Night: Steem Monsters Art Contest! by @jellenmark

🐺 Steemmonsters art - Akox Shortwick the monster trader by @wolv

This week's winner will receive 5 Booster packs and each of the runner ups will receive 1 Booster Pack!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to create and submit something.

I look forward to seeing even more Steem Monster inspired Art in our Week 2 Contest which I'll be posting tonight!

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Thank You for your continued support!


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YEY! Thank you - Just saw this:) Congratulations to everybody:)

Congratulations to you and the others! :D

Wow! Thank you very much. @steemmonsters and @isaria Congratulations to the winners.

You're welcome....your submission was fantastic!

Wow the 5 pack prize contained 1 legendary dragon and 3 epics... thanks @asaria!

Oooh that's awesome yay!!!!!

these are cool

so cute. Maria

Hey guys you are really creative. Congratulations to the winners!
This is my favorite :) It reminds me of Godzilla movie :)

Yeah that one is amazing!

Congratulations to the winners of this contest

Love this thematic, congrats to all the artist. My favourite was the first and the last one!

Big congrats to all winners of this @steemmonsters competition!

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for creating the contest @steemmonsters!

Can i send my vision monster? If yes so where? :/ Im new person on steem :/ Need tips :) Btw. Nice arts <3

Is there anywhere I can find a blown up image of the element symbols that wouldn't be super pixelated. Would prefer a vector file if possible

I am steem artist. I know I missed this contest. Can you include me next contest?

Wow, those are great! Congratulations to the winners'

Permit me to follow you @steemonsters

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Are there going to be continued art contests? Cos I know a card that may give a try.

Wow! These are great! I wish I had seen this earlier :) I'll keep my eyes open for more posts!

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Hey this is great. i have some monsters of my own how can i join the next one ?

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