Enchantress of the Night: Steem Monsters Art Contest!

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Dear Steemians,

I decided to participate in the Steem Monsters Art Contest, where you could create inspired (fan-art) steem monsters - anything from drawings to poetry or music, so of course I wanted dive in and sculpt an inspired monster.

I know, I know....if you saw my last posts, then you know I‘ve been sculpting women and I was over it, but I fell in love with the "Enchantress of the Night", so I just had to! Just have a thing with witches:D
Weirdly enough, I didn‘t have the chance to enlighten myself more with Steem Monsters, but I opened my small collection today and will be diving in:)

Here‘s an image of the original card:


This is the first time I sculpted a human body with Blender, I usually use ZBrush, but I decided to stick to Blender for this project. I started with a cube and deformed and mirrored it, until it looked like a body (box-modeling). Then I immediately started sculpting and slowly formed the body and the face.


I added brows and lashes, to actually make out the face of the character and then adjust the mouth, the lid and the chin. I gave the Enchantress angry eyes (with a third eye) to keep the look of the original version.


I really wanted to see, how the character would look like with hair, because it was honestly weird, sculpting sort of scary/angry female eyes/eyebrows, so I skipped the clothes and other details like nails and jewelry for the end.
I already shaped the hair in a floating position, because I wasn‘t sure, how it would turn out when it‘s animated.


Time to style the witch! I sticked to the 2D Art with tiny changes like making the boots overknees and altering the dress a bit.


Thanks for dropping by my page:) I was a bit in hurry, so this post is falling a bit short on the process- but stay tuned, I will blog about rigging, skin binding, texturing and animation in my next blog, as soon as everything is ready:) Hope you liked it and here are some of my other Steemit 3D work, everything except the alligator animation was made for Steemit:)

Audrey Hepburn | Mystic Girl | Dapper-Owl Gramophone Animation | Charlie Lou, the Alligator | Surfer Girl Animation



Ups:D This is the first time I accidentally clicked on the post-button to fast! Well I am still in the midst of rendering and I guess this post will be complete in a few hours:D So sorry^^

Nice, cannot wait for next update ;)

:) On it

excellent @jellenmark. I Like your 3D design and models (as always) haha. Really cool post and the process that you show it, is perfect. IF you want some help to the next one, you can tell me without shy!. See ya Jellen bye bye <3 :D

It's amazing !!

You have great ability. I think I see a lot of people with abilities here!
I envy you so much.

Very pretty witch! It is necessary to continue :)

Nice work. Will be interesting to see your sculpting workflow. Are you using multires or dyntopo, or something else. All the best :)

Multires:) I would normally use dyntopo:D But again that thing with the retopo^^ I am still super messy with sculpting in Blender. With Zbrush I keep everything raw until the end, but with Blender I kind of have to deal with details right away. Got to work better on that:)

She's a hottie, but her third eye makes her look scary. :D

Haha, could be scarier:D Maybe with some effects of fog and wind in the animation:D Eyes will be glowing red like the original

True, and add some dramatic lighting and you've got yourself one evil-looking witch. And Halloween is just a few months away. You could maybe user her for some Halloween art contests. :D

Haha, I always try to do new art for contests, even if it‘s not enough time. Like this for this challenge. I wanted a completed animated witch until tuesday^^ But I will pick up the work again today and finish it bit by bit^^

I was waiting for your next 3D model and at last you made it and that’s awesome 👏🏻

I like the way you bring art to life through 3D modeling.

thank you:)

I said it in your last post that you are so good

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