New Reward Cards! // Number 7 // Brownie!

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In this post we announced that we would be releasing a
New Reward Edition Card every day for 20 days!

The Cards released so far:

Legendary Life Splinter card - Sacred Unicorn
Common Earth Splinter card - Wood Nymph
Common Neutral card - Creeping Ooze
Epic Death Splinter card - Phantom Soldier
Rare Water Splinter card - Pirate Archer
Rare Fire Splinter card - Naga Fire Wizard

We're excited to see people already starting to make good use of these cards in battles!

Reward Card Number 7!!!

Today we will be releasing a new
Epic Earth Splinter card - Brownie!

Today we have another 1 mana cost card for you to add to your collections! The Brownie won't do much in the way of damage, but he's quick and increases both the Speed and Melee attack of the whole team! We expect this will be a strong support card and a must-have for many Earth Splinter teams!

Let us know what you think of our new little friend in the comments, and stay tuned for the next card release announcement tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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LOL. Seems really a very OP card.

Sniper proof too. I don't imagine he'll be benched often.

Cool card. Hoping to get this in my quest today. Have gotten most of the other new cards and tested out some of them. Will test them more the next days to get a grip of how to best use them as a part of my small deck

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Inspires for 1 mana and evades?! Wow this cards legit


Yeah seems to strong to be real right?

That is exactly what I need. Gimme!

very good card to add to earth... I like it

006 - Brownie (777px, 5fps).gif

+1 speed and +1 attack for 1 mana? Isn't it overpowered? :D


Probably... but we'll see in gameplay and things can always change.

A nice fill in the blank with the Ooze for those pesky last 2 mana points.

You guys are killing it!

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First the Wood Nymph and now the Brownie? Good times for Earth teams!

Wonderful card!!!

So long everyone gets 1 cost monsters, sure, why not. They still take a slot, I guess, and too often I go in with 1 less monster. I guess it'd motivate the economy, cause everyone will need all the monsters they have, and then these.

Sweet Brownie comes with two amazing abilities "inspire" and "speed up" and that just for 1 Mana...crazy!!!

Sweetness is there a set number of cards coming out for rewards or will it be on going?

Nice card.

Brownie looks like a little bit as a monkey. 🐵🐒

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This card may be OP. We will see.

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dumb question but the last like 5 daily quest rewards haven’t yield any rusty androids, have it reached its limit?


There are 35,422 in existence now, so no

Lol looks like Sméagol and caesar from planet of the apes bad a baby

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Whoooaaa... wish it will drop one in my rewards later, he's opponent is creeping ooze i think.. LOL, cute monkey!

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