Steem Monsters Update - New Reward Cards!

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We're super stoked to see how well the manually-run tournaments have been going so far, and want to give a huge thank you to the organizers, sponsors, and players who have dealt with the issues and frustrations that come from trying something new and worked through them to make it a success.

We're working as quickly as possible to build the automated tournament system into the website and sign up some major sponsors, but in the mean time we have some other changes and updates to announce!

New Reward Cards

We are definitely aware that there are an abundance of reward edition cards in circulation right now, which decreases the value of the rewards you can earn in the game. The intention of the reward edition was for it to be a full set of cards, similar in size to the alpha edition, in which case there would be many fewer of each card available.

Unfortunately, with everything we have going on and a very limited team, we were only able to initially release 10 cards. But now we're excited to announce that we have 20 new cards ready to add to the reward edition, and we plan to release one new card into the game each day for the next 20 days!

Many of these new cards will have either very high, or very low, mana costs. This is intentional as we plan to introduce a wider range of mana caps in higher level games going forward. This will create even more variety in the matches and require even more skill in team creation to reach the top.

Reward Card Caps

As we mentioned when the reward edition cards were first released, there will be a cap for the total number of each reward card that can be created. We wanted to wait a little bit to see how things went with the new cards before setting the caps, and at this point we feel we have enough data to do so.

Each reward edition card will be limited to the numbers shown below, based on the card's rarity. Once the cap has been reached for a particular card, that card will simply no longer be included in the list of cards used by the algorithm to randomly generate new reward cards when they are earned by a player. As cards start to run out we may replace them with new cards if that makes sense at the time.

  • Common cards will be limited to 400,000 each
  • Rare cards will be limited to 100,000 each
  • Epic cards will be limited to 40,000 each
  • Legendary cards will be limited to 10,000 each

While these numbers might seem high at first glance, please note that this means there will be less than 1,000 max level versions that will ever exist of any reward edition card. It may seem like there is an abundance of reward edition cards now, but if the player base of the game continues to increase (and we are working very hard to make sure that it does) these cards, along with the Alpha and Beta edition cards, will be very hard to come by.

Show The New Card Already!

Sacred Unicorn

Here it is!
The Life Splinter is getting a second Legendary card - the Sacred Unicorn! With Heal, Divine Shield, Piercing, and Trample at max level, this card should be a very strong tank (hopefully not too strong though!) especially in higher mana-cap battles.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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That's a very cool new card and I look forward to seeing the unicorn fighting for me and not against me because it looks pretty beastly!

I haven't tried a tournament yet, but I'm doing the dailies everyday and it's cool to turn over the cards and see what I got as a reward. I'm glad I got some early alpha packs and got some promo cards from the kickstarter. This is a fun game! The community seems to be growing and it's always cool to see what's new with steemmonsters. 👍❤

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Didn't get the new unicorn card but gotta brag a bit about what I DID get. :D


Nice score!

Hoping that the @rustle monster gets a gig as a reward card. Would have to be at least an epic...

I hope you get a lot of new players because that is a lot of cards to be absorbed. I've placed my faith in you all to this point, I hope you are right in getting new players. If you don't, I hope you are quick to cut back on these numbers because the current base will have a very hard time absorbing that many. Just my 2 cents!

And congrats to the design team, that is one bad ass looking card! I love it!


Way too many cards for the existing player base


I agree completely and already let Aggy and Matt know my thoughts. I think they are very receptive to feedback, so you might want to pass that message along ;)


I tried a few times in the past and never got anywhere...


It doesn't hurt to give them your feedback... they might not change their policies on one particular person's view, but if you feel strong enough about something and think they should know it, then you should... Can hurt and you never know what they listen to or when your voice adds to what someone else has said :)

ps... I've found they do listen... They don't always agree with my points, but they do seem to take them into their thinking.

This is very cool, I was worried that the rewards cards would inflate a lot, but as always you have shown that you are watching everything up close. Good job!!

This is sooo awesome! im building up my collection of the new rewards cards , loving them and Im really hoping to get at least one Legendary Unicorn , Its my favorite card now to strive for right behind the Legendary Lord Arianthus that I now have up to level 3 and the Genie I almost have maxed out at level 9 now! Fingers crossed for the Unicorn!! Woot! thanks for awesome update @steemmonsters , keep up the great work @yabapmatt and @aggroed ! upped and resteemed!💁👍✌💕😜

This Sacred Unicorn Looks like its gonna hurt. That combined with angel of light might make a cool team. I can't wait to see what other new reward edition cards will be released.

Wow amazing card that one!
Many thanks for working improving the platform and the whole Steem ecosystem.
Happy new year and best wishes :)

Glad to see market move accordingly, many cards up 20-30% already!

So cool! I hope I'll have it in my next quest!

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This number is good because of the number of cards required for leveling purposes.

I have to agree with @jarvie at least five cards per season would have been great because of the anticipation behind the events.

With my daily quest, I’m looking forward to level my cards, Join tournaments, and use the rewards to help my friends join the community.

Update: I got two Unicorns on my Daily Quest :)

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Ohhh... I'm gonna level my main deck as soon as possible now they are like 4 cents each. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

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I like the idea of higher mana cap games. It gives us a chance to play our legendaries more often.


have they talked about this or something? Higher than 27?


They mention it in the post but I always thought it would be a good Idea to have higher Mana cap games. I hope its implemented soon as it will give us a chance to utilize more legendaires.

Many of these new cards will have either very high, or very low, mana costs. This is intentional as we plan to introduce a wider range of mana caps in higher level games going forward. This will create even more variety in the matches and require even more skill in team creation to reach the top.


oh i missed that... thanks for the quote.


No problem.


Especially if it comes with more slots.

I believe that this card is too powerful for the life splinter in bronze rules. It has a great artistic design, above all the spokes of the horn.

PS this game has a rule, if you have a horn you have a piercing


I'm with you, Life is already pretty dominant at lower levels and slipping it a 10 life tank with self-heal is just going to make it worse. Unicorn is stronger than Hydra at level 1, and Hydra pretty much wipes out Bronze by itself.

very cool good job guys.

I love this card. I'll take 10 please!

Perfect... adding cards is a great plan. You didn't have to do 20 though, you could have probably got away with 5 each season... maybe you just have a huge stockpile.

Wow. That is an incredibly powerful card.

pretty cool stuff! I like the unicorn quite a bit as its already pretty strong from the beginning & not a neutral card but specified to life

good job guys

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Awesome updates, but you know what would be a game changer? The mobile app! :) If you pay attention you will see that most of the millenials and the generation Y spend more time in their smartphone than in their computer...i personally would prefer much more to play in the smartphone than in the laptop!
One thing is for sure, this project has a lot of potential and i can envision a "candy crush" type of sucess in the future :)


Can I have some armour on my unicorn?

This Is legendary news ! Keep up the great work.

Whoa - These #'s are waaaaay too high imo.

Just compare these numbers with the Alpha set. Take Rares for example. Reward rares are capped at 100k. Compare that to Alpha Rares capped at around 8k.

I understand Alpha/ Beta cards are paid for and these are rewards cards, but over a 10x difference in cards released?

I think a better approach would have been a season reward set. Season 5 = 1 set of reward cards, Season 6 a new set of cards, etc. Or you could even run the reward sets for multiple seasons. There's a few options that would make them limited.

With these caps, I estimate they will be running for over 10 seasons to reach the cap. The market will be flooded.

The commons are already around .02-0.03 cents and there's only about 30k out there. Imagine the price when there's 400,000 of them.

Great update and much appreciated that you have set a cap on the supply.
What will be the official caps for the GF Versions of each rarity?

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