New Reward Cards // Number 6 // Naga Fire Wizard!

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In this post we announced that we would be releasing a
New Reward Edition Card every day for 20 days!

The Cards released so far:

Legendary Life Splinter card - Sacred Unicorn
Common Earth Splinter card - Wood Nymph
Common Neutral card - Creeping Ooze
Epic Death Splinter card - Phantom Soldier
Rare Water Splinter card - Pirate Archer

We're excited to see people already starting to make good use of these cards in battles!

Reward Card Number 6!!!

Today we will be releasing a new
Rare Fire Splinter card - Naga Fire Wizard!

Today we're excited to announce another high mana cost card that we expect to see get a lot of play in upcoming higher mana cap battles. The Naga Fire Wizard is a combination Magic damage dealer and tank.

She will fit well in the second position to provide more depth to the tanking ability of teams while still being able to provide high damage output, but look out for her being placed in the back for Super Sneak ruleset matches!

Let us know if you're fired up about the Naga Fire Wizard in the comments, and stay tuned for the next card release announcement tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support!

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It is so cool that you guys are comming with these new cards !!!

This one looks pretty bad ass! I really like the new batch of cards you really look like you’ve gone above and beyond in creating new characters! Another awesome addition

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Yeah she definitely rocks! Awesome card to collect!

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Looks pretty legit! I am starting to get excited every day now to see what new card is released!


No doubt

Wow! very nice! I am definitely excited about that one! It is a sweet looking card too! Thanks for continuing to do what you folks do!

WoW ! Magician AND Tank !

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Nice card!
I hope there is one of them in my next quest reward. 😊

I think tomorrow comes a new dragon card. 😎🤩

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This is a really cool looking design. Love the color selections and the character looks awesome. Thanks for sharing @steemmonsters. Looking forward to the next release. May You Always Live in the Abundance of Love and Blessings. #zap

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How do you get these, by doing the daily quests?


Yes, that or through season rewards (based on rating after the season ends)

Can we win these just by playing? My deck could do with a bit more oomph :)

Update: Just realised I won Creeping Ooze in a quest :)

I want one so bad!

Damn, I was hoping for a tank healer in the fire splinter for lower level matches. Oh well maybe next time.

Has potential to be an off tank..! Fire needs more magic and I think Flame Imp and now the Naga Wizard help to address this..

Strong magician for the Reds!

she's a natural born killer

I love the abilities on this monster and I especially love the fact that she has 4 spell damage. I'm going to be figuring out ways to work her into different fire splinter builds.

Woah, nice new card. As much cost as a Rexxie!

I can't wait to get some in my daily quest

These cards are getting cooler everyday.

I'm fired up about the Naga Fire Wizard! :) The mana cost is huge (like Rexxie) but I can see where she would warrant a place in the deck under the right conditions. I use my 8 mana Rexxie a lot! Looking forward to seeing her in my daily rewards and season rewards, and looking forward to tomorrow's new reward card!

Magic monsters just make it clear the devs have no idea how to balance magic. Where are this monster's weaknesses? Good at ranged, good in melee...