New Reward Cards! // Number 4 // Phantom Soldier!

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In this post we announced that we would be releasing a
New Reward Edition Card every day for 20 days!

The Cards released so far:

Legendary Life Splinter card - Sacred Unicorn
Common Earth Splinter card - Wood Nymph
Common Neutral card - Creeping Ooze

We're excited to see people already starting to make good use of these cards in battles!

Reward Card Number 4!!!

Today we will be releasing a new
Epic Death Splinter card - Phantom Soldier!

This 8-mana Monster can be a menace on the battlefield in higher mana cap games, and as we mentioned in the original post we plan to expand the range of mana caps in the near future.

He dishes out a bunch of Magic damage while at the same time reducing the Magic damage output of enemy Monsters with the Silence ability. He can also serve as a decent tank with his high health while taking reduced damage from Magic attacks thanks to the Void ability and also a higher chance to dodge Melee and Ranged attacks with the Flying ability!

Let us know what you think of this latest ghostly addition in the comments, and stay tuned for the next card release announcement tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Steem Monsters Discord

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Looking forward to try this card out. As mentiond in other comments, it is nice to see the death splinter with some high magic damage cards.
Looking forward to more exiting news from you guys.
Keep up the good work!!!

Lot of people will look after this card! It's wonderful to get such unique combinations as rewards cards

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I would love to see the death splinter with more magic monsters! At max level this may see some play, but I don't think we'll see many max cards from this reward series for a long time.

I see this card being a beast in certain rule sets.

I neeeeeeed it ! As I play Death 💀 mostly 😃!

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This card should be excellent tank with such characteristics! I hope once to recieve it after daily quest!

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I look forward to poisoning him.

That card looks devastating.

I can't wait for higher mana cap for game play.

Oof, not only are his stats insane, he looks really cool too! Great card, can’t wait to pull it!

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the new card looks really cool!, but I have a question, if you use a sword because it deals magic damage xd?

Most magic-wielding monsters so far have little health, this might be a bit overpowered... depending on its base stats, ofc.

Looking forward to pull one today and really see what his abilities can do to my enemies :)

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I’ve bagged 2 out of the new 4 so far! It’s really getting me waaaaay to excited with this one by 1 release

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I got one last night. Can't wait to try it out!

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Are you adding any reward heroes in the near future? We could use some options there.

This card is gonna counter certain team builds hard. Love the stats and I especially like the silence tagged on to this guy.

Pretty awesome! Keep them coming! Hopefully I can pull one or two of them eventually. I have only been getting the commons lately.

@steemmonsters I am grateful for the Quests and The Cards I can Receive...........Thank You again SteemMonsters

What a damn menace. His abilities are offset by slow speed, but he's also clearly on the death team. A part of me wishes he was neutral so all the splinters could benefit. On the other hand, in a high mana cap game, he'd make a great stand in for Haunted Spirit.


With Flying and Magic, most of the downsides of mediocre speed are offset anyway.

Awesome! Can't wait to add this guy to my Death Splinter team.

This one is very cool! Hope to get this in tonight’s reward cards 😉

it's wicked, and i want it lol

Wow, that card looks cool. Talk about a card to destroy Mages. Void and Silence and you might miss me cause I can fly.

Talk about expensive.

Very much anti-magic, perhaps a bit too much so? Do you really need one monster with both silence and void magic? And then, Flight, rounds its position as a tank against everything non-Magic, which is interesting.

Toe to toe with Flesh golem, Phantom Soldier wouldn't have a hope, but as part of a team there's some real potential.
Another excellent card :)

Very cool looking card and the powers will be fun to see in action. The 8 mana will see only see play with 25 mana cap and up for me.

Dug out Sasuke Uchiha with Naruto :)

Awesome post. I just won one! Only says there's 139 in existence though. Will that number increase over time or is that it? Just curious as am still relatively new to the whole steem monsters thing.


Yep! that number will increase as more and more people open their rewards and get this card!

This card looks sweet!

Sweet the ooze kind of threw me off a bit last night when I was recording a video for Dtube was not expecting it lol

Looking forward to the new set of cards after beta!