New Reward Cards // Number 2 // Wood Nymph!

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In our previous post we announced that we would be releasing a new Reward edition card every day for 20 days!

Yesterday we released the Legendary Life Splinter card - Sacred Unicorn.

We hope a few of you were able to pick one up already!

Reward Card No.2!!!

Today we will be releasing a new Common Earth Splinter card - Wood Nymph! She should serve as a nice support card for Earth Splinter teams with Tank Heal starting at level 1 and Strengthen at level 6.

If you're thinking that she looks familiar, that's because she has already made an appearance in our logo!

Let us know what you think of her in the comments and stay tuned for the next card release announcement tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Hi guys, thanks for all your effort, changes and constant improvements in the game.
But today I come to mention something and if it is possible some kind of spam so that some of you try to take this into account, maybe I am not the only one who has commented but I would like to put it in words here.

I live in Ecuador, the country in many cases of exchanges pages or even in the world of cryptocurrencies is blocked. One option that I thought would solve the problem of changes was Uphold, but like its list of countries, Ecuador is Blocked. So to think that the currency is dollars.
I can only use PAYPAL or debit card. Getting Cryptocurrency is at least a legendary quest.

You already accept Paypal as payment method of the Booster packs. Perhaps they could even consider the option of being able to buy the cards that one really needs with a minimum of $ 2 per purchase. Or some way to charge balance to the game through paypal

In my case, I have been very affected by this, especially in my progress in the game. Since having the possibility to invest, I can not do it.

Each player has specific needs in their Splinters, buying Booster packs does not guarantee that I will have close to the card I need.

So between investing $ 2 in booster when I could invest $ 2 - 5- 10-15 in cards that I really need. (of course I´ll buy booster packs for some adrenaline sometimes)

It would be amazing and it would surely allow me to move forward at a more satisfying pace in the game.

Thanks Again!.@steemmonsters


Actually, I would sign this request. My friend is playing Steem Monsters but has no crypto. It would be awesome if he could use normal payment methods to get some cards. Maybe you can arrange some swap system for that, @steemmonsters, @aggroed and @yabapmatt.


I'm soooooooooo gratefull for your support!!!!! so much love, I really hope that they can Read my request.


If your ISP and/or country blocks you from accessing certain websites you can use tor browser (it is free) or you can get a vpn (some are free but the better ones you have to pay a fee)


Hi, the problem isn't the web access it´s the payment method, maybe in your country the legislation about cryptocurrencies are soft, but In here ( Ecuador) are so much restrictions, I have USD Debit card, but None on the exchanges accept my Debit card because Ecuador as Country is Blocked on their websites payment method. I can occult my IP with VPN, but I can't trick the website with the bank card country emisor

Wood Nymph is kinda sexy, I would try to hit that if I was a Goblin Sorcerer!!!


Hahaha great comment you made me laugh 😂🤣😁

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Ahahahahahaha, I'm sure golems will appreciate. I am waiting for at least some hiller's death shard


Hahah 😁😁 that was enjoyable to read. Well, I dont blame you


For some reason the first thing that comes to my mind is Goblin Slayer ha-ha

Another sweet new reward card I'll be hoping to turn over in my daily rewards!

I can definitely see how this is going to be a great card for the Green team. Earth already has some durable tanks and this will just strengthen them further.

Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings. What new reward card is in store for us? It's fun getting these reveals every day! 😍

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That's the card for the Earth splinter I have been waiting for. Nice one!

All of the monsters in the logo are playable now, yaaaay! That's a first!

That’s awesome!! I actually got a Sacred Unicorn from my Daily Quest last night!!



Level 1? Those stats are proper OP. I hope I get this beauty soon.

Hell yeah that should help balance it up a bit

@steemmonsters I just started playing the game yesterday and I love it! I have a question though; sometimes when picking my cards for battle, there is a yellow triangle with a "!" Inside it. What does that mean? I couldn't find an explanation in the how to play section. Thanks!

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It means that you own the card at a higher level than you're allowed to play it, either because of league level restrictions or your Summoner isn't high enough level, so the effective level of the card has been reduced to the maximum available.

You can see which in a message that appears when you mouse over the yellow triangle.


Ahhh! Ok, thanks for the explanation. I can't mouse over because I play on my iPhone 😆

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Always good to find new pals for my Rexxie.

All the healers are 3 mana monsters. Why is the green one a 4 mana healer?


At 4 mana, shes a steal. Strengthen is worth 3 mana in itself given it equates to a summoners ability. Now add in the magic dmg and tank heal. Card is too strong for 4 mana imo.


The Crustacean King gives shield to the team, that is much more important than 1 point of life and the Divine Healer slows the opponents, making your team to hit first, that is much better than 1 life. Both are 3 mana healers...


All true, but CK is limited by its ranged attack and low speed/health. And divine healer has half the magic attack as this one. More importantly, this unlocks yet another tank heal on a splinter that is all about high health and healing. Allows for dual tank heal on self healers. Only life splinter can do that at present until now


Spirit of the Forest is 7 mana, Angel of Light is 5 mana, so it's not like there's a true consensus just because Crabby and Divine Healer are 3.

More of a question is why can't red, black, or neutral catch a break?

To The Market I go :)

I never noticed she was already in the logooo...

She's hawt! Can't wait to climb her tree.