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WEEK 12: August 24th - August 31st 2018

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August 28, 2018

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Good stuff it will continue to grow. Have a good one guys the kick starter is almost there.

It's amazing to see how Steemmonsters and their community has grown over the past few months. The cards, the website, the whole gameplay. the game in general has been evolving and this gets very exciting. #Steemmonsters

me gusto tu post vote te sigo tambien me puedes seguir @juneiker ademas te recomendaria que pasaras a ver unos de nuestros pots y comentarlos

Hey @aggroed / @yabapmatt. I was checking the market, and noticed the Gold foil Lightning Dragon is the rarest card in existence. I have a question about the generation of these cards.

When a pack is created, is this a single, isolated event? Or is there a longer-term balancing mechanism at work.

In other words; did the chance of a Gold foil Lightning Dragon drop increase, when the generation rate fell behind?

Ps. This may be a silly question

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Very good post, it really is very good

hello I would like to try the adventure, but do you have a post with the rules of the game In advance thank you, good luck