Splinterlands Development Update

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This update will just feature a couple of smaller changes we've had time to sneak in now that the guilds feature is launched and running smoothly. Our high level priorities are still the mobile app development which is progressing very nicely and the "asynchronous" tournaments / guild wars that we discussed in the guild feature release post.

Multiple Pack Opening is Back!

At long last, the ability to open multiple packs at once has returned! For those of you who have purchased and opened large quantities of packs one at a time over the past few months, we want to thank you for your patience and for your sacrifice.

There is now a "3 dots" icon next to the pack quantities on the website which displays a menu that includes the ability to open a large quantity of packs at once. Currently the maximum number of packs you can open in a single transaction is set to 200. This is to prevent some issues with browsers freezing when opening too many cards at the same time.

After choosing the "OPEN QUANTITY" menu option you will be able to specify the number of packs or orbs you wish to open, and then broadcast the transaction. Once the transaction is completed you will be able to flip your cards one at a time, except that duplicates will be grouped together and only require one flip.

This way you still get the anticipation and excitement of flipping your cards, with all of the animations and sound effects, while still being able to open large quantities of packs much more quickly than before.

For those of you who were holding off from grabbing the 500 pack deal in fear of having to open them all one by one, your time has come to get in on the action before the Beta packs sell out!

Market Purchases with Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)

In the next day or two we will be adding the ability to purchase cards on the market using Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). This means that sellers will receive DEC instead of STEEM or SBD if the buyer pays with DEC. Sellers can then exchange the DEC for either STEEM or TRX (and hopefully other currencies in the future) or spend or HODL them of course!

Cards will still be priced in USD and the amount of DEC needed will be based on the current market price on the Steem Engine exchange. The same 5% fee will apply to sellers when using the market on the Splinterlands website, and the fees collected will continue to be put right back into tournament prizes as they have been in the past. The other market payment options (STEEM, TRX, and SBD) will still be available as well and will not be affected by this change.

This is an important step towards increasing the utility of the DEC token and allowing players to grow and level up their collection through playing without having to deal with external exchanges. Now players will be able to win DEC through ranked battles as well as tournaments and be able to purchase cards directly from the market with them.

Tournament Prize Pools

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed that tournament prize pools have been shifting to paying out DEC and requiring DEC as an entry fee instead of STEEM (creation fees are also paid in DEC now as well). This is for the same reasons as described above - to increase the utility of DEC and to give players the option of which crypto they want to convert their prizes to, or to be able to immediately spend them in game without having to go through any external markets.

Please note that we're still committed to providing the same total USD amount of tournament prize pools as we have been. The only difference is the currency in which the prizes are paid out - DEC!

A significant portion of the tournament prizes are funded by the fees collected from sales through the market on the Splinterlands website, so going forward we will be taking any STEEM and SBD earned from market fees and purchasing DEC on the Steem Engine market through the @splinterlands account to use as the tournament prizes.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Great to have multiple pack opening back.
While it is seriously fun an addictive to open packs, its quite time consuming when you buy a lot of packs.

DEC purchases are great but there should be an option for sellers to turn off as it does add another stage to convert card sales to fiat.
Are you going to enable Beta pack purchases with DEC?

OMG buying with DEC, hello game-changer, decks are going to become seriously competitive now you can pick up those odd cards you need to power up with your earnings, that's epic

Loving updates but we can see you are moving with your own cryptocurrency and business model.
I would have done the same thing but still, poor STEEM 😭.
I love SM, don’t get me wrong.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Loving updates but we can see you are moving with your own cryptocurrency and business model.
I would have done the same thing but still, poor STEEM

I think it's a common misconception that by using another token it's bad for STEEM. As long as the token is run on the Steem platform (which DEC obviously is) then it's very good for STEEM. STEEM is needed to use the Steem platform, so to use DEC or any other token that uses Steem requires Steem Power and thus adds demand for STEEM.

Agreed, let’s say you had value and utility as you mentioned to DEC (which I love) and it takes some away from STEEM (as the transacting and prize currency).

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yes that’s true but they are a compagny and need to make money too. If everyone creates his own coin on top of steem then in the end we’ll all be more than happy.

Posted using Partiko iOS

However, DEC also runs on TRON, which I use.. if the game's transactions were also using the TRON chain, I'd have no reason at all to use STEEM - and I wouldn't.

What DEC rate will you use? The spot market one? An average over a period of time? It is a simple question as I also didn’t know which Steem rate you were using.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Spot at the time that I'm making them.

It'll actually be using an average price rather than a spot price to prevent manipulation of DEC price.

It's good for Steem in the long run. With DEC, I can play my daily quest and then sell it for Steem on Steem-Engine. Plus it means that more people will be onboarding the platform in general. It's a win/win.

can you please let us know what factors contribute to the burning of the DEC. Thanks.

Greetings, @steemmonsters

Excelent notices!!! thank you for share with us

#palnet #spt #battle #steemleo #steemace

I think there should be an option if seller wants to get paid in dec or not. For some people it might be cofusing and time killing since you have to exchange and again withdraw where they are used to with steem/sbd. And many other confusions.

Adding an option of selection would fix this.

Great update! Mobile app😍😍

Posted using Partiko Android

Great updates :)

Sweet. Another proposal that would be quite easy to put up is a filter for cards that are yet to be combined. That would make life a whole lot easier.

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I noticed the change in tournament payouts and was actually even more excited than Steem as I can’t just go and buy DEC anywhere! Thanks!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Epic Update!
I think an instant DEC to Steem converter on the main page would be very useful to improve user experience.
Awesome job as always, guys!!!

Lovin’ the updates! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Posted using Partiko iOS

I liked the news

The option to buy cards with DEC is the absolutely best update! It is such a pain getting fiat into steem to buy cards (for non-whales on here), and then having to see the steem value continue to plummet. It's great to know I don't have to hold steem in my account simply to buy cards from the market. Great update overall. You guys are the best!

Excellent @steemmonsters team
Waiting for the new DEC feature and mobile app ☺

Posted using Partiko Android

@steemmonsters, Update of allowing to purchase of Steemmonsters cards through DEC will going to boost this Ecosystem because buying percentage of cards will going to boost. Keep up team and yes, we are waiting for the Mobile App.

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Hi, @steemmonsters!

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What is the inflation rate of DEC? And where can we find such information?

Posted using Partiko iOS

  ·  last month (edited)

Thant's a great feature to be able to sell in the market for DEC. Thank you so much for all your effort.

Love the Updates!!!
Spirit of the Forest (835px, 15fps).gif

There should be a DEC transaction history integrated in the Steem Monsters GUI. One should for example have an overview about all DEC won in Steem Monsters tournaments.
That could for example be useful if ...

  • ... one let another person play tournaments with one's account, and want to devide the rewards.
  • ... one have to make a tax declaration.

Yes! Opening multiple packs at a time is amazing. Thank you for returning this feature.

Great job as always!

I am a bit more concerned about the "image" of Splinterlands to players of other games. I mean, when we try to bring them to Splinterlands.

Previously, when tournament rewards = USD, it was very easy to tell them how Splinterlands was revolutionary as a crypto game with huge weekly USD rewards. Or to pick their interest that way with this line :)

Now that it switches to DEC rewards, it's more "opaque" to external players. Games with virtual money rewards are more common to them and in their mind it's not the same "reaction". I am all for player growth and this is the only thing that comes to my mind as a negative, or at least a question!

Everything else the team has done has been a 100 % positive to me, and I understand the need for DEC valuation and DEC health, it was just a note about other consequences that come to mind.

Thanks for the updates :)

Very nice update thx

You guys are really doing a great job of build up this game. Thank you!

You guys are really
Doing a great job of build
Up this game. Thank you!

                 - walkingkeys

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When will it be released?