Players Unite! Guilds Are Live!

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At long last, adventurers in the Splinterlands may now band together to take on the ever-growing challenges that lay ahead! Harness the power of Dark Energy Crystals, earn scrolls from conquering quests, and work together with your guildmates to create the most powerful group the Splinterlands has ever seen!

Guild Creation

The creation of a new guild will cost 10,000 Dark Energy Crystals. This is to ensure that only players who are serious about wanting to build and grow their guild will create one while still hopefully being small enough to allow players at all levels to participate.

The guild creator can then choose the following options for their guild:

  • Name - The name of the guild
  • Tagline - A short message to describe your guild (not required)
  • Description - A longer description of your guild, what it's about, what types of memebers you're looking for, etc.
  • Membership Type - Whether the guild is open to anyone to join, or they have to request permission to join, or if it's strictly invite-only.
  • Language - Since the Splinterlands playerbase consists of people from all over the world, this will easily allow players to find guilds consisting of members who primarily speak the same language.
  • Crest - Choose a banner color and symbol from the available options to help easily identify and differentiate your guild.

All of these options can be changed at any time by the guild leader or co-leaders.

Guild Membership

Guild members are split into the following five ranks:

  • Leader
  • Co-Leader
  • Officer
  • Sr. Member
  • Member

Members at each rank have the power to promote, demote, or remove any member at a lower rank than they are. Additionally, Officers have the power to create/delete guild announcements and to approve/reject membership requests in a "by request" guild, or invite new members in an "invite only" guild. Finally, the leader and any co-leaders have access to edit the guild name/tagline/description and other settings.

Currently these ranks and privileges are the same for all guilds and are not able to be changed, however in the future we may add the ability for guilds to customize their ranks and privileges if time and resources allow.

Guild Buildings & Benefits

At launch, guilds will contain two buildings that the members can all pitch in to level up and gain benefits shared by all members of the guild. Going forward we plan to add a number of new buildings which guilds can create and which will unlock many new and exciting benefits for all members.

Guild Hall

The guild hall is the most important building for any guild. It requires members to contribute Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) in order to level it up and unlock its benefits. As the guild hall increases in level and size, it allows more members to join the guild. At level 1 a guild has a maximum of 15 members, and at level 10 the guild can have up to 30 members.

Additionally, the level of the guild hall limits the level of all other guild buildings, so it is especially important to focus on leveling up the guild hall first.

Quest Lodge

The quest lodge building requires "scrolls" obtained by completing daily quests to level up. Each time a guild member completes a daily quest and claims the reward it will automatically contribute one scroll to towards the advancement of the quest lodge.

As the quest lodge levels up, it allows all guild members to earn a bonus to the number of DECs they receive for each ranked battle win, in addition to a discount on all purchases using DECs in the shop!

At the end of each ranked play season the total number of scrolls contributed to the quest lodge will be reduced for all guilds, similar to how player ratings are reduced. This makes it such that guild members must continually be active and completing quests in order to maintain the same building level and benefits.

Guild Wars

While not part of the initial release, an important goal of the guilds feature is to allow rival guilds to meet each other on the battlefield for riches and glory! Once all of the bugs and small changes for the initial version of the guilds are ironed out the Splinterlands team will be switching their focus to building asynchronous tournaments.

Asynchronous tournaments will be a new type of tournament format where players can submit their teams at any time over the course of a day or two. This will allow many more people to participate in a single tournament, regardless of time zone, and participate whenever they are available rather than having to be available and active for a 1-2 hour period like with the live tournaments now.

This will not only add a very exciting new tournament format, but it will also be the basis for guild wars, which will essentially be an asynchronous tournament between the members of two or more guilds. So start leveling up your collections and increasing your ratings, because guild wars are coming, the stakes will be high, and the competition is likely to be fierce!

Dark Energy Crystals

As mentioned above, a significant number Dark Energy Crystals are required to level up the most important guild building - the guild hall. The amount of DEC in the daily reward pool decreases each month and as the game grows that pool will be split among an increasing number of players. Additionally, as the lifeblood of magic and commerce in the Splinterlands, they will be an important part of each new feature we release going forward.

You can't say we didn't warn you! Get your DECs while you can. Increase your rating, complete your quests, make sure your ECR never sits at 100%, or purchase them from other players on Steem Engine or Tron Watch Market!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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How does membership in multiple guilds work? Is that allowed? Do battles count towards a single guild only?

I would like to know this please

Having now joined a guild, it appears that you can only be in a single guild at a time. It looks like you can request access to multiple guilds. Not sure what happens when multiple accept you at different times, or if once you get accepted to a guild, all other requests are cancelled.

@trang and I would be interested in joining an elite, English-speaking guild. Let us know of any potential matches. I'll also browse the options at


YES! This is so awesome! It will take Splinterlands to a whole new level! Splinterlands to the MOON!! Amazing work on the Guilds!
Archmage Arius (648px, 10fps).gif

I think she snapped, next year she's going for US President, forcing everyone to play Splinterlands all-day



LOL! I need to update this with Splinterlands but it is funny and true!!

nooooooooooooo the cross-reference makes it funny, I love it :))

i igree


Another interesting update from the Splinterlands Team. Have fun everyone!

Market is starting to react, DEC is up almost 10% in 2 Hours already
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QUEST LODGE needs 600 scrolls to get top bonus. That would take a guild of 30 20 days. And then if you have 14 day seasons that makes it challenging. I guess it depends on how far it drops at the end of a season.

"PLAY ANYTIME TOURNAMENTS" - As most people know I'm REALLY looking forward to those! I will start scheduling time to play each day when it's convenient for ME. It's exciting they'll be part of guild wars. Hope we see more guilds. I also hope you're not going with "Asynchronous" man that's a hard word to spell.

Obviously it will not drop so much when a new season starts such that an active guild can't get it back to max before the season ends.

Definitely not going to use the term "asynchronous", but I don't have a better name for them yet. Build first, name later.

Wooo exciting, I will have a look later.. and have been hoarding DEC's as you suggested in a previous post.

Finally guilds are here!

What awesome news .

10k DEC to start your own guild , that’s cheap .

Can’t wait to get in a guild and start helping them build up.

Guilds are another awesome addition to Splinterlands.

You guys never seem to rest.

Always taking it to the next level.

Have an awesome day!

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Awesome news!! Let the games begin!

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This are awesome news!

Awesome, I will hopefully figure it out, I am all ready a S.R Member in Knights United Guild!! This is so cool! upped and resteemed , see you all on the Battlefield!!💯👹❤👍 #palnet #spt

Brilliant, I know peeps have been waiting for this for ages now, giving the people what they want!


This is awesome stuff, my feathers are ruffled :o

Any guild want to invite me?

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This should be a lot of fun

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Sweeeet update! Great work!!

The SCR Cowboys are recruiting! Come see if you're a good fit!

Awesome, I will hopefully figure it out, I am all ready a S.R Member in Knights United Guild!! This is so cool! upped and resteemed , see you all on the Battlefield!!💯👹❤👍 #palnet #spt

@steemmonsters, In my opinion many were waiting for the opportunity of teaming up in Splinterlands and now it's live. Keep up team and great to see your pace of developments.

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The amount of DEC in the daily reward pool decreases each month and as the game grows that pool will be split among an increasing number of players.

Is this about ALL DEC ? or just the DEC in the guilt house thingy?

I really WANNA KNOW if DEC are finite or have plans to cut supply or halvening lol i wanna stock up on DEC because of this

Excited to try out guilds. Thanks for your constant innovation to keep the game fun.